Peaceful Pure Land "安樂淨土"

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Peaceful Pure Land "安樂淨土"
安 comfortable an 樂 song evil 淨 clean jeong 土 clay soil

to live
Did you say confession "苦海"?
In this world without end of suffering
get some comfort
Did you set up the "Ancient Country,安樂國"?
Those who have seen the rich and noble movie "富貴榮華" in their lives
If you don't empty it, it's hell.
How do you show hope?
Amitabha Buddha "阿彌陀佛"
The Pure Land that I live in "淨土"
west of this world
A place where you have to go through the Buddhist temple of 100,000 "十萬" and one hundred thousand "億"
Where everything is "completely" equipped
A place where those who have attained the Buddha fire and "Buddha" are reborn after death.
Instead of a comfortable country "安樂國"
In Abiguous Hell "阿鼻叫喚"
Let's hug and cry together, we'll be ready to burn
that's human
That's a comfortable country "安樂淨土"
Please forgive my earnest prayer
I roast coffee today

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