Go to the moon without those bots !!! Nite nite 🌸🌸🌸

I think the boteconomy is a whole topic on it's own and I'll be dedicating an article to the subject soon. At the moment you can see them as a useful tool to keep the entire steemit economy circulating. Must be careful to reach the right balance though. Overall I think the bots can do more good than harm. I'm still in the testing phase for a lot of these to see if they are actually useful or not.

If we're really going to the moon we're going to need a rocket

I am testing some actually and so far I like @upme and @appreciator Best and used it to boost my minnow posts with @massivevibration worked out well. I am looking forward to read an article about this topic. I am still not sure if it’s right to use bots or not. Anyways what I meant to say. I am sure that this fantastic article will be voted because of it’s quality content!