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in digitalart •  last month  (edited)

incertitude encroaching from the air around me, scorching my throat as it burns my lungs with each breath...and as with each breath, my blood thickens and slow- now saturated in uncertainty ...Cyber Space Super Sociable Good Kids with Backwards hats team 2 75D38613-FAF0-4DDF-BC5C-F6F2FB4CCD84.jpeg
thoughts fester and effectuate a wave of discomfiture, lamenting over a hypothetical chagrin at the back hand of never before seen, delusional perfectionist with your same voice ...Gameboy fucking Color, N64 or watching Nick @ Nigh-playing Tetris on your Razor flip phone, which was baller. DVD? I don’t have a dvd player man, sorry. 62698086-CB58-42B2-8E42-22BB6241F77C.jpeg How is my 90s aesthetic? Did I do a good job? ANSWER IN THE COMMENTS or I PLAY DEATH METALL STEEMMMMMM

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