A doodle: Lady Butterfly

in #digitalartlast year


I'm suffering thanks to Kimetsu no Yaiba's 200 chapter and IT SHOWS. Although, the fact I'm barely sleeping at all probably has a lot to do with me being all over the place these days.

Pros of the Quarentine: I got all the time in the world to do everything I've wanted for the past... two years.

Cons: the internet is super shitty and this spoils about 75% of what I planed on doing, and my family- who is already annoying, it's even more insufferable these days.

Anyhow. I can only binge-watch stuff past midnight, because that's when everyone in my building goes to bed. So, I get around the conection problems by being a night owl, yet this hinders my productivity in other areas (read: drawing) because I'm too tired to work on anything else, even if it is just for leisure.

Cant focus on finish stuff, so I just... start things, and never end them, I guess. This drawing is one of them.

She's just a random girl I made thinking of the girls at the Butterfly State in the KnY series (they all wear butterfly pins, by the way). I made her from the top of my head, so she has no name, story or purporse... yet. I might come back at her later, when my brain is properly working.