Living in a Completely Digital Paradigm

in digital •  last year

Could you guys relatively imagine the unimaginable in living a completely digital paradigm, where all tangible products essentially become bits? Could a breakthrough like this occur within our life time where we essentially are put into a computer program and we could live completely digitized?

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Hm, hello, I believe that this will happen to us sooner or later, maybe even in our lifetime, I have so many ideas about the digitalization of our world, maybe watched too many movies:) I want to say that it is very inspiring how young you are and how positive and driven you are. Thumbs up! I like your work and I support you. I gave you my voice as my witness, because I believe in you, I wrote an article about my 30 witnesses and why I voted for them,you can check it here:

Almost like Tron? Sign me up for that!

Who knows what the future holds. Go back 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, & see how "digital" has evolved & taken over our lives. I for one am excited to see where we'll be 20 years from NOW!


Not me, Your young so there is still hope. I am guessing this is a bit further than even that in the future though.. There will be a scary episode about it on Black Mirror soon enough though lol

yeah in the nearer days all the products might be tangible only through digitalization . Do we imagined that all the money would be digitalized and flown from one country to other in air :)

could happen because of what is impossible that we have seen in fact can exist

It is nice to just imagine, and check the what if's....

The new X-files just did one about that, and black mirror has had that in a few of their story lines. It's a pretty crazy concept!

Really something that cannot be in the period but bayangkanAkan tlah came us and little by little tlah entered in it
Nice argument i like it ...
Thank for sharing

The world is gradually getting there

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Have you been watching Matrix IV before everyone else? :)