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The action movies of the world financial and technological development. In the earlier stage, bater system of market was in place ,one has to exchange goods for goods and services for services.due to the problems associated with the barter system,it went money was introduced which inlude coins and paper money;money has dominated the entire market serving majorly as medium of exchange and seltlement of debt,store of value by commanding ownership of assets.since 21st century,digital and cashless currency have dominated the financial market because of the global development of technology.
I asked the question,where is the world development slopping toward? Will the physical cash one day be totally outdated ?
Now the cureency market such as bitcoin,or crytocurrency has been in advancement thereby bringing investors and speculators to the near door of riches wealth the next century,no one knows where the technology will take us to and what dimension will exchange medium be use.images(2).jpg

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