Graphene Island - Wallpaper

in digital-design •  6 months ago

The wallpaper I created using the open source software Blender is inspired by the technology behind my favourite blockchains, STEEM, EOS and Bitshares.

Graphene Islands

Graphene Island.png

It is not a very complicated design but easy to look at in my opinion. I used the main colours of the individual Blockchain, so hopefully you will be able to identify them. What's nice with the current design is that I could easily add more islands in case @dan wants to create more graphene based blockchains in the future :-)

Steps in Blender

I added a simple sphere into the canvas and changed the vertices from 32 to 6 in order to give it the hexagon shape. Than I made three copies of it and placed them next to each other.

Blender 1.png

For the low-poly water look I added a plane and sized it to cover the entire camera view. To get the wave effect I subdivided the surface a couple of times in order to be able to select a few random vertices and move them up using proportional editing (Choose Random).


The next step was to find a good camera position, add lights for the scene and apply materials to the objects for the colour. Finally I rendered the scene using 800 samples.


Any feedback on the design? I am curious to read about it so let me know in the comments.

All the best!


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looks very cool! great work!


Thank you very much.

Woah this is truly amazing, this is going to be my wallpaper for the next two years, it's so cool .


Thank you, I use it as a wallpaper as well and glad you like it.

Graphene Islands Wow looks so beautiful stunning design :)


Thank you, I am glad you like it.

It is so nice that you have used the Open Source Blender to design this awesome wallpaper. I am a FOSS supporter and happy to see such content. Thank you.


Thank you!

I am not too much familiar with blender but my cousin is. He have learn animation by himself by watching tutorials and he uses blender too. So i know just a little about this.
And amazing wallpaper.


Awesome I would love to see tutorials from your cousin.


Yaa sure that would be great. You can go and search "blender gru" in youtube, he has some of his work there.


I'd love to make tutorials in future :) @tarekadam

Excellent design and art work. Nice job. Following you and upvoted. Thanks

wow this is super cool design..nice art work and you are very creative :)


I am happy you like it. Thank you

that looks pretty interesting the way you did it but also complicated lol. Nice job!

I like it! Fabulous design

Great art friend and great post thanks for sharing


Thank you very much.