DigiByte The Cyber Security Blockchain Of The Future

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DigiByte is a decentralized blockchain with a vision of “Cyber Security” . DigiByte was created by Jared Tate it was initially forked (coded) from Bitcoin. But DigiByte is Advanced,Scalable and has up to date technology compared to Bitcoin it is 40x faster than bitcoin and the network is not controlled or compromised by third parties.

DigiByte is bringing free to use cybersecurity solutions to the world by development of open source cybersecurity cryptographic protocol built on top of the DigiByte public blockchain. In 2014 DigiByte developed a protocol called DigiShield with help of the Dogecoin developers to protect against multi-pools that mine large numbers of DigiByte at a low difficulty. Since inception, DigiShield has been added into over 2-dozen other cryptocurrency blockchains such as Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, Dogecoin, BitTokens and CasinoCoin.

DigiShield/DigiByte has no effect on 51% hash-power attack mitigation due to it’s 5 different mining algorithms, Digishield was taken to a further limit when Multishield was added to it in 2015,The hard fork worked to activate DigiShield across the new MultiAlgo platform and accomplish the same goals on all five mining algorithms.

With new security breaches on the horizon many business modules have been built on top of the DigiByte blockchain such as Digi ID to protect identification,DiguSign to store and protect documents and much more.



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