What's Next for Digibyte?

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What's Next for Digibyte?

We haven't heard much publically from Digibyte since the Citibank demo day winner was announced a few weeks ago and it unfortunately was not them (However, they are still up for a few awards which should be announced in July). One of the reasons we may not have heard from them lately is because they have a policy about not releasing too much information too far in advance. This is so speculators of the cryptocurrency market have a harder time buying on the rumors and selling on the news... which plagues this industry too much. Just ask Swarm City Token holders...

On Digibyte's website, they recently have added an AI named Emma to help with some of those general questions people love to ask. When asking about their future roadmap, she gives the following as all items coming in the future:

  1. DiguSign Official Release
  2. More Corporate Collaborations
  3. Crosschain Blockchain Transactions
  4. Lightning Network Trials
  5. Digi-ID Blockchain Authentication System
  6. DGB Mining Algo Swap
  7. Being Added to Decentralized Blockchain Exchange
  8. Research into Quantom Proof Encryption & Algos
  9. DigiByte Gaming Relaunch
  10. DigiByte Blockchain Based Smart Contracts
  11. A DigiByte Backed Internet Browser
  12. Getting DigiByte iOS Wallet Back on iTunes App Store
  13. Multiple Conferences & Events
  14. Setting Up A DigiByte Foundation
  15. More Advanced Developer Playground
  16. DigiByte + Artifical Intelligence projects.

They may not have a roadmap of the immediate future to speculate on but they certainly have an imagination and a busy next few years.


bought more DGB :)

I hope it goes up. I've got too much DGB that I bought at a bad price. I've been doubling down when I have seen the price drop so much.

I'm cautiously optimistic for DigiByte.

They certainly do things differently.... one can look at that as good or bad.

after reading this, i decided to hold firmly on my DGB.

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