Digibyte.. sleeping giant defying critics.

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Long time crypto investor first time posting in relation to the topic.

Before I start I do hold digibyte and this post isn’t an attempt to push this coin on anyone.

I first purchased digibyte at .004 cents US.
After researching extensively it ticked every box and became a project I truly believe in.
-great future roadmap always improving.
-extremely active dev team
-actual real life social, financial and corporate use in day to day business.
-technology and innovation above all other coins especially regarding time and scalability which are essential.

I Call digibyte the sleeping giant as only now it’s just starting to rear it’s head and the prospects of this coin are being adopted by many businesses.

Many, including myself forecast this coin to reach a price 70 cents US sooner than later. Well before the end of 2018.
In correlation to its market cap not a significant amount of growth is needed when you incorporate the rate in which the total crypto market is developing and being adopted.

There is no way the ride has been missed by new investors either which is why this coin has so much potential. Currently between 10-13c.

Again this is my view and it’s one I truly believe, happy investing to you all and as they say - only invest what you can afford to lose.

Would love to know your thoughts!

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I was going to get some too but don't recall where I am at on it because I see it has good prospects. However, I get serious about it today.


Research it my friend, everything ticks every box for exponential growth!

Imo the quality of this post could've been improved a little with detail on the why Digibyte is good, but overall really liked the post. They have an extremely long blockchain, incredibly fast transactions, highly scalable and have so many developments on the way.
I don't think it's going to be as fast of a riser as many, because it's development team go out of their way to avoid hyping up the coin. They also have 5 different mining algorithms, to try and make the coin worthwhile to mine for ASICs and GPUs which is fairly interesting and I think really important for decentralization.

They want to keep strong credibility within the cryptocurrency community and seeing their coin skyrocket in value isn't something that they want to see and it also attracts the wrong crowd. I think their approach to the coin is unique for a cryptocurrency and unlike any others out there.

They're looking towards improving their wallet software, hopefully before too long we'll have some official lite wallet software on Windows, Mac, Linux, IOS and Android. Which will increase the usability of the coin greatly. Talk of being accepted by coinbase and steam is there, but imo not likely soon due to its current ease of use (which is being worked on).

Edit: their/there..


100% agree: the pump and dump aspects of cryptos seems to have been phased out with this coin as the potential has been realised. A minimum growth of 700% this year as I expect would not be significant enough to corrupt the integrity of this coin. In the crypto world I believe that growth is a healthy increase (as long as it’s not over night!)


Any thoughts on verge?


There's definitely a lot of positive things that come out of growth, this coin does definitely seem to be avoiding the overnight growth issues.

I don't know enough about Verge to give a properly in depth opinion of it but I was a little confused about its popularity originally, but have sold most of them (I keep some for diversity) after reading into it and after the initial pump.

At the time of the substantial growth, it seemed to be only really offering inbuilt use of the TOR network which wans't all that impressive imo, so I'm not sure it was ready to grow as big as did. But that's probably true for most of the top coins (aka "potential"). Now it seems they're making active of progress, they have fairly strong community support and will remain in a good position if they start implementing some of their promised features. Though that is my really shallow opinion, so happy to be proven wrong, what do you think of Verge and what are your prefered coins?


Interesting, truth be told I never really looked into it until I looked through my old account a few days ago in which I had forgotten I threw $100 on verge around June last year. So now I’m researching it and I think it will definitely grow from as you said their promises and the community support is stronger than ever even after the delayed release of their wrath protocol.
Impressive tech that no other coin offers so I can see growth throughout the year.
But again I’m still in the research phase but will be holding.
Digibyte is my main coin from the start: the tech, the support, the potential and Jarad is extremely impressive with his social presence. I think a great increase is on the way.
Stellar is also one I can see doubling in the short term simply from the exposure ripple is getting and there has to be large companies looking to team up with them to combat ripples business partners advancing on their methods.