Digibyte is truly Decentralized! Here’s why!!!

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Today I just wanted to share something that is so fundamentally special about a UTXO blockchain call #DigiByte $DGB. Yes, #DigiByte is a decentralized ( 5 mining algorithm) UTXO blockchain. Please forgive me as I am one simple person without any technology background.

As we all know #Bitcoin has one algorithm call SHA256, followed by #Litecoin with another one mining algorithm call Scrypt. And then the youngest of them all was born on January 10, 2014; #DigiByte! This non-ICO was meant to improve the daddy bitcoin with its main focus on decentralization and cyber security.

Jared Tate; the genius behind this creation ensure that this blockchain is so secure by implementing 5 mining algorithms to maintain decentralization; making it impossible for double-spend type of hacking as each algo is at approximate of 20% equally.

Please view this chart for better visual understanding....


Aren’t you as impressed as I am?! Oh goodness, trust me, once you do your own research (DYOR), then there is so much more to love #DigiByte #DGB.

As you know, I keep everything simple and short but this blockchain deserve a closer look.

And as always, until we meet again, have a splendid day.