A Quick Overview Of Digibyte (DGB)

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DigiByte is a cryptocurrency which guarantees security, decentralization and exchange speed. In spite of the fact that it was established in 2014 and would already be able to be considered as among the most punctual types of digital currency, Launched by business visionary and software engineer Jared Tate's, DGB will probably be a quicker and more secure cryptocurrency with a more decentralized network than Bitcoin.
DigiByte's block time is 15 seconds, enabling exchanges to be prepared and affirmed quicker on its system or generally around 40 times quicker than Bitcoin. Digibyte is the quickest computerized resource available and It will have the capacity to process 280,000 exchanges for every second by 2035.
The group behind DigiByte has plans to help smart contracts advancement, AI, and the internet of things (IoT) applications, over its blockchain.

John McAfee, a popular crypto-investor, tweeted about DigiByte as a company worth watching.




Digibyte Hashing Algorithms:

DigiByte launched its genesis block on January 10th, 2014. It utilized a single proof of work calculation. Soon after, DigiByte led a hard fork to present an aggregate of five proof of work calculations.
A new DigiByte block is mined roughly every 15-18 seconds. Every one of the five mining calculations mines one block every 1.5 minutes. Inside each block, exchange sizes are restricted. DigiByte was likewise the first to execute Segregated Witness innovation, helping keep its blockchain little and adaptable. DigiByte has the longest blockchain currently in existence. Longer even than Bitcoin's. DigiByte’s various algorithms support ASIC and GPU mining

Buying Digibyte (DGB):

DGB can be acquired on major crypto trades like Coinswitch, Indacoin, Changelly, YoBit, Bittrex, Cryptopia, CryptoBridge and ShapeShift by trading them for cryptocurrencies like ETH or BTC and fiat currencies.


Official Website:



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Thank you for posting this review on Digibyte. I have a question regarding the mining aspect of digibyte?

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Maybe I should accept this coin too in my games shop!