Digibyte (DGB): Nested 1,2; (1), (2) Waves

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The sleeping giant :p
When DigiByte breaks out of this monster consolidation, we'll see a bull run like never before.

Digibyte is a sleeping giant with superior technology! No reason that it shouldn’t pass $1

As Bitcoin rises, so will the alt coins.

@haejin Great post, I also love crypto follow back and have a great day!

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Really insightful..I think 0.40 is too low tho :)


Screen Shot 2018-02-16 at 11.54.51 PM.png


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@haejin i really love your videos. i learn so much from it. Thanks Much

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@haejin thank you for sharing your analysis are very helpful to those of us who just started

Interesting perspective, that wave 3 is way up there. Thank you Haejin.

Will always remind myself about the correction and prepare for it.

Have some awesome sauce

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yea but he made people millions of dollars, this is chump change tip

Im so Happy for this analyse !

Thank you SIR Haejin !

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Digibyte is gaining some great headway. I am expecting MASSIVE PROFITS in 2018.

YEAH BUDDY! DGB getting ready to fire up and hit new all time highs in 2018.


DGB and XRP are my top 2 picks for 2018. LTC is #3.

Crypto market getting ready to heat up like we've never seen before.

Don't get left behind.

Thanks, I had some XRP. I will get some DGB too. Here in India all cards are blocked by government and banks now.

Your presentation is very good quality ..... hope you always give us good quality work

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Nice analyse. Thanks. DGB is one of most promising cryptos with a great and trustworthy leader. With all the technical advantages, new PR company assigned and by the supporting analyse it is very safe buy. I strongly recommend it to all.

Excelente post, Soy nueva en la comunidad espero contar son tu apoyo, Siempre estaré apoyándolo gracias... Éxito