DGB Digibyte - Fractals... Fractals Everywhere! IMMINENT explosion?! Short Term Target $0.202

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Hey everyone,

It's been a few days I haven't posted anything, and that's because I have been and still am sick. Anyway.

Here's an update for Digibyte, extra fresh, cooked right now just for you.:

I could discern 4 fractals so far that have repeatedly executed the same pattern, so the fifth one should run up to $0.202

A look at the bigger picture and the higher trend confirm and come "crossing" fractal #5 (the upper diagonal line, to be more precise), indicating the same target: $0.202.

Enjoy the ride :)

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Remember this article is not intended to guarantee any gain nor encourage you to invest in any way! This is just for your information.

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Have a good one!


awesome thanks mate :)
You 'serious' sick or just a bad cold/flu etc?
Get well soon buddy.

Well thank you buddy for your kind words, truly appreciated :)

It's more of a bad cold that has been lasting despite all the medication... A bronchitis to be more precise. No worry though ;)

Very Nice Post! love it, good catch with the fractals.
Thanks for the update bro.