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I am Juan, the typical guy with the typical name that does not like the typical, but I was born in this world full of them.

I'm not here to give advice, not to make you earn money and I guess not to improve your life, because our lives have no solution, just hope you at least like this I'm writing, because if you are interested, is that you keep your person.

We are living in a world where there is nothing that does not cost us something, in which values as people are lost, if they are not already lost and those who do not want to lose before disappearing from this world

Every day I have my moment of reflection, in which, I always end with the same Conclusion About Life, an Only Reflection That brings me to the same Situation of Discouragement Although Follow Struggling under my fighting concepts.

My Fighting concepts

• Fight for my ideals
• Don't Let me Influence
• Stay firm
• Learn from All
• Feel
• Love
• Cry

Now I explain to you each of the points of my struggle concepts acquired over time;

Fight for my ideals

Take Years Collecting Different Ways of Life (This Life that no longer makes sense) and sickly behaviors of which the world Is Full, only with the idea of departing from them.

It's not Difficult for me since unconsciously my person vomits them, rejects them as if it were some bad food, but not without failing to feel the bad body that you have left when you discover that these things happen.

It Difficult Fight this world virus for wanting to be what you are not, while we create monsters and feed without measure, so, to Me I find it hard to make a Day Be normal, without feeling bad about something I saw or heard.

Continue Struggling for my principles as a person and although it affects me in my Day a Day, I hope you never stop doing it, unless the end of this comes and Like this Stop affecting me, I think if it did not affect me not Be Who I am.

For me is Easy Keep my ideals (though it hurts to see reality), since I carry them inside and Be Very complicated to change them. Since I Started To reason, I realized About what No Wanted Be that kind of person who needs the Humiliation of others to feel superior.

We all ever put the paw, but we tried not to Repeat That Action, we are in the process of growing up as people and that is not Easy With the Education That we have and less when the bad prevails, so I think that the Only Way to do it is with a Education In which there are no abuses and we are all the same when we talk about respect for the people we live with.

My secret;

I feel full by doing something that was not in my agenda for that Day, but that only Required from a Small Action And of which, my Only Benefit, be it the Satisfaction To help someone follow where he was going.

If you go a Hinder the way, you better not.

Don't let me influence

Does it sound easy? Because there are millions of people who do it?

We need to be told what to do, we want to behave like other people and wear the same clothes that they do, but the worst is not that, all this prevails before the originality of our person with whom we were born.

Since we are born, each one begins to know their local environment, family, schools, neighbors... Which eventually marked us.

We started to see how Be Our lives alone with seeing the Other Around you and from that moment, we want to be like someone. Maybe
Not as the best, but if the best within your environment.

It is that moment when no one tells you; Is You Even if nobody likes it, always Be Someone to share with, or not, the same is not necessary, but it is You Same.
I think Be A world More Interesting if Learn Everyone of all, don't More Brilliant was always the best.

Stay firm

It all depends on what we talked about earlier about the influence and Education. But if you feel different, something incompatible with part of life, you might understand what I'm saying.

It Difficult Stay a One side when nobody understands what you say, because it's Strange For them to understand life in a natural way.

It is said that before Lived With little, just food and something to wear, but now, now that we have everything, it's More Likely to feel More Vacuum than before and Maybe For not being able to cover with everything.

So, I Only That I think, that only if you feel Like this, stay strong, I'm sure you do. If you don't experience similar behavior, you may not be able to see it.

Learn from everything

Look, listen and try to understand, is what they taught me, but not everyone in my family share it. It's weird, What Working the same Education Within a family with four siblings, only two, we understood those values, the other two, not yet Know What Chose.

He who opposes to recognize that there is More Ways to see life, that same, is the one who wants you to do yours, does not want to share, only followers who do not question their actions.

They are the ones who make everything you say or do, it doesn't have sense, so you never feel full of what you do, just tired and confused.

Forget Of them, are the people we do not need, those who Will Insignificant life. Do not let it happen and if you are obliged to be with them, do not let it influence you.


How can you live without feeling? Listen to Some friends to say that they don't feel, that they don't care, etc.…, as we may not feel anything.

We all feel, but each different one, not with the same intensity. Maybe An advantage or maybe not. To Me, personally, I like to feel life.

Let the beautiful of your body be Eric with a nice gesture, es0 is priceless. Yes, We Like this, the World Be A Lot More Wonderful than it is.

Say To feel about that Way Be Incompatible with the way of life we carry. If I understand Like thisNo Would Wars or behavior Abusive As they are now seen daily.


Yes, loving with tenderness and not with madness, loves, enjoys, not tenses or forces, maybe it is time to get away and keep on knowing.

But still loves that couple that no longer Is, she and You You gave it all, but it Over, you must look for another and another way before you leave it and After.

Give me a hug! Why don't you squeeze? Come on, it's a way to de-stress and prove that you're a person with all your values, do not stop and acceptable.

Loves in all respects and Feel Beloved, love and money don't go together. If you feel loved only when the gift is expensive, Let or start changing it.


Well, if you've Read This post until the end, I do not doubt that you are of those who weep. Cries of Sorrow or Joy, when that happens, you're in a moment of it More Amazing.

How many of us have cried as if everything were to end, that Feeling That you only have when your Heart It exploits deep sensations that we don't usually Experience. Just AfterOnly After From crying, I get up and keep walking.

Head down, steps unsettled, but Getting up at every step, because crying let me go on, Maybe I was crying 3 Days, but thanks to being able to Expel All that Had, now I feel new and with another Lesson Learned.

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