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In a world full of junk foods and unhealthy diet, people are inevitable gaining "unnecessary" weight. One way to get rid of it is through Intermittent fasting.

Intermittent fasting is a technique where in you fast for 16 hours per day and eat anything and everything for the rest of the day. Here are some facts you should know about this technique:

*please note that results vary depending on the body type and the food you eat duribg the 8 hour window.

  1. Disciplining your mind is harder than disciplining your tummy.

In the first few days of IF, you'll notice that as you deviate from food throughout the day, the more you become hungry for it. Taking a few bites of your favorite chips is not a sin at this point in time. Remember, to discipline the mind requires a lot of effort and conditioning and you could use some time to get used to it.

  1. Your toothbrush and water are your besties.

Do you ever feel the need to eat something regardless weather it's a slice of pizza or a salad? That's when you're truly hungry. Hunger is hard to deal with in IF but believe me when i say that keeping your tummy full through water is a big help. There's no specific amount of water that you should take in to feel "full". The amount that you really need depends on you. Drink water if you feel like it and drink water if you're "tummy-hungry".

The role of the toothbrush at this point is just to seal off your taste buds from craving more. Brushing your teeth every after meal is your way of saying "no" to extra cravings.f5a5e8e0fad4e11dcb642b253107b5d9.jpg

  1. Have your coffee black

If you are the type of person who can't get the day going without coffee and is planning to go on IF, you're lucky! Straight up black coffee with no extra sweeteners or creamers can be consumed even when your 8-hour-window didn't start yet. For special cases like a person with sweet tooth, this idea could be very hard but once you get used to it, you'll appreciate straight up black coffee even more.19b6f00aa4df0b08464352630e33c058.jpg

  1. Go big or go home

During the 8-hour window, eat as much as you can. The magic behind this is that some days, you won't listen to your cravings because you're at the level of hungry where you don't care what you eat anymore. However, you have to take into account the thought that during IF, you have to enjoy what you eat because you will be in the state of cleansing when your eating window is over. Eating to satisfy yourself helps in this process. 96c2445d6014b706f25daaf740183377.jpg

  1. Suffer now to get rewards later

People often address to this method of diet as a "pain in the ass" because you'll feel so hungry during the times that you usually snack on. On the other hand, if you want your results to speed up and keep the discipline, you have to get through every single stage to be rewarded later with food.

At the end of the day, IF requires a big deal of discipline and commitment. If you think you can't get over with the full 16-hour fast, you can think that every second that you're not eating, adds to a second of toning down your unwanted fast.

More about IF in my next articles. If you're planning to try it, focus and reward yourself with a slimmer body.

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