Depression is not in Corona, want mental health

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The Chittagong University meeting has organized a virtue council program entitled "Depression is not in Corona, I want mental health." The event took place on Saturday, June 5 at 8 pm with a focus on the current mental health of Corona students. Nazneen Sarkar, Professor in the Department of Psychology at Chittagong University was the guest speaker on the occasion. In attendance were Chittagong University Association President Tasnim Musharraf and Secretary General SH Sagar. The event was convened by Nadia Islam and presented by Afia Anjum Smita.

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In the first part of the discussion, Nazneen Sarkar explained in detail what depression is, why and what are the causes. She described all aspects of frustration and explained how to deal with adversity in a very beautiful way over time. In the second part of the discussion, all the questions present in the question-answer session have been answered. She had everything from how students deal with depression to how to deal with depression in their personal lives.

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