999Dice Site Scams Their Users - My Experience

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Over the last couple months I've dived deep into the world of Seuntjies DiceBot. This amazing free program allows you to connect with over a dozen "Bitcoin dice" sites where the promise is Provably Fair gambling. In a nutshell this means that the dice rolls are truly random and there is proof in the blockchain for each roll.

I've always been fascinated by gambling, I remember sneaking into the casinos in Calgary when I was 15 to go play blackjack. I'm also a very creative thinker and love the problem solving aspect. I learned how to program using the dicebot and over the last couple months have tested a bunch of programs I've made. The thing I don't like about most dice sites is that they are using Bitcoin. I love BTC but my strategies are "double or bust" types so I'm doing a lot of deposits and withdrawals per day and the fees have gotten crazy lately plus the wait time.

I wanted to test a couple strategies I've been working on and use Ethereum to fund the accounts because it's fast and awesome. I had a good run with Crypto-Games.net, currently up about 17 Eth, however they only allow one account per user and will block you if they catch you with more then one account. For testing purposes I have 4 VPS's and running 3 dice-bots on each one. This way I can often get 100 rounds of 10,000 bet in per day and find out how my strategies do after long periods.

(BTW - this is an excellent and fun tool to play around with probabilities https://www.sportsbookreview.com/picks/tools/streak-calculator/)

So, I researched 999dice and saw some negative comments but decided to try them anyway as I was testing using small amounts. After a ton of testing I was satisfied that I do in fact have a positive edge and started scaling up. After a day of making some nice profits, I started having "very unnatural losing streaks". I understand variance, I am used to massive variance, but I know after running so many tests for the last month using 12 dicebots running 12+ hours per day that they are scammers. During one test of over 300 rounds I didn't have more then 4 consecutive losses. Right after I started scaling up, on 2 different accounts I had 7 and 8 losses in a row.. I pulled the plug after being down 0.7 ether. It's not a lot of moolah but really makes me angry because they are dirty scammers. You'd think that the casino's already have a great edge and make fantastic profits. Do they really need to scam people? I wish Primedice accepted Ether..

I found this article that confirms my suspicions about how they have some type of algorithm that waits for moments when the bets are higher and then produces loss after loss. http://themerkle.com/999dice-scam-exposed/

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