Betterlife||The Diary Game by @battebilly 27-05-2021

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Hello steemians, today has been other very wonderful and amazing day for me. I have really enjoyed this day that I had to write about this day.

I woke up at round 6am East African standard time and prayed for a nice day.

Than brushed my teeth than took a birth for some few minutes.

I than went to my Mushroom farm and harvested 4 kg which I delivered to my customers and got around 12 USD.

I watered the mushroom growth room. After that at around 11 am I went to the carpentry workshop and start working on the cupboard that I started working on yesterday plus other works. Justas I have demonstrated on the photos below.

I was shaded the shelves with undercount. I will be finishing up this work tomorrow.



This is the cupboard that I have made to work at my home 🏡. I have to give it all my time.



Then in the evening 🌙 I decided to go for a physical training. I played football just to make my body fit.

It is always very good for you to end your day enjoy.

I really enjoyed this matche.


I hope you enjoyed this story and shouldn't have to come to my post and support me.

Thank You Very Much Our Great Admin

Thank You
#steemnursery family


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