Not lost, but still unfound

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Hey, it has been a while I know but, you know, things. You might have heard that I am having some issues at the moment and spending a little time in hospital. Daddy has kept people somewhat informed and has told that I was having seizures. Yes it is true. Before I enjoyed reading books, playing with dinosaurs and singing songs. Now, this is all I do:

No, I am okay and being here in the hospital is not a lot of fun as so many of the little babies are so, so ill. It is really sad and some aren't going to make it. I don't know what that means yet but, making it seems like the way to go so, not making it must be the wrong way. I wish they could all make it.

It is also hard here because at night I am alone, yes, the nurses look after me well (I think it is because I pay them in songs) but, it is still lonely. Every morning when mummy and daddy walk in, I am so happy... And then a little grumpy because I remember they left the night before.

They have taken so many blood tests that daddy says my arms look like that of a heroin addict. They are a bit sore and red now but, they had to take the tests to see if they could find out what is going on. They couldn't

Tomorrow is a big day it seems, I am having an MRI on my head which means I am going to be put under so I don't dance in the machine or something like that. I don't know much about it but it is necessary to see. Daddy is unsure whether it is better to find something, or not. Both paths have their downsides.

What is great here though is even though I can't really go outside, there is a play area with some toys and a slide I have learned to use. It is a bit big and fast but, mummy helps me climb and daddy helps me slide down. But the best bit is....

I learned to play FOOSBALL!!!

I am pretty awesome at it too and I score goals on both ends of the table. Every time the little wooden ball rolls in there I scream... GOOOOAAAAL! Daddy sucks at it and mummy keeps beating him.

Okay, time for some dinner and preparing for tomorrow. Wish me luck.



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Dear smallsteps, I'm so sorry to hear about your health issues. :'/

I hope you'll know soon what it is was and I hope it's something not very serious. Many hugs to you!

Foosball is very cool, keep practicing! :)

It is such a blessing to be little and have your parents do all the worrying for you.

Today my two year old has double ear infections, so she is walking around yelling at people. It sounds like you are a much better patient.


aww, that sounds painful. I am lucky 8knock on wood) with my ears at least. I hear everything.

I'm wishing you, and your mum and dad the best while you're going through this part of your life. I hope all goes well with the tests tomorrow and you're all back home together soon!

I am sorry to hear you are not well. Your dad sounds like a smart man. Nevertheless I hope tomorrow will bring some better news. I hope you can still enjoy. ❤

Good luck @smallsteps! I am thinking all of the positive thoughts for you! Stay strong!


Thank you very much. :*

Are you trying to help daddy frame a photography of your face?


He normally cuts the top of my head off otherwise...

Oh baby girl, you will be perfect.
Dad, trust me it’s better to know than to spend days and weeks on end thinking the worst. Hang in there!


I tell him in Finnish and English: Ei Haittaa / No worries

Don't worry you will be out soon. Daddy will look after the nurses and make sure they are happy. I am not surprised at the foosball either , most Australians are not very good at sports and only excel when they play an Englishman.


You should see him swim.
Like a rock.

You are a cutie pie @tarazkp's babygirl. Hope you get well soon!!!

I understand... Find strength where you can. I am with you in spirit.

luck, have faith in God that he will help you, he knows how to take the best decision always

Good luck Baby! You will be fine soon. God gat you 100%👌

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wow so loking..........your post man

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You've been in thought and prayer and I wish you all the blessing a little angel deserve. Chin up and keep beating everyone at foosball.

Forward and upward and let us know what has come of your tests?

Stay strong Smallsteps and keep singing and playing foosball. :)