Daddy stole my post!!

in diary •  7 months ago  (edited)

Yep, you read the title right, Daddy is a thief!!

He claims that last night he was updating a post for me on his phone and "accidentally" pasted something over the top of it and lost it. Then, he conveniently posted my video on his blog. Can't trust anyone these days...

So tonight, I am not going to trust him and his accidentally on purpose "mistakes" and will instead post this video myself. It is a good one too because as you can see. What I don't understand is why I can ride so fast but on camera, it looks slow. It must be an optical illusion.

Riding the bike is a lot of fun so far but as you can see in the video, getting around the tight corners is a bit of a problem and the "hills" are a bit steep for me if I don't get up enough speed. I still haven't worked out how to use the brakes though. Daddy says that I need to push back on the peddles but that seems very counter-intuitive to me so, I just peddle more.

Oh by the way, Daddy has told me that he used to fall off his bike a "fair bit" as a kid and so far, every time I go with him I have fallen. I never fall with Mummi and Pappa. I figure it is Daddy's bad biking vibes that cause the crashes. And probably the hill I went down a bit fast. One thing about falling though, it isn't so bad and I shake it off and get back on. anyway, I have pink squirrel head to keep me safe.

I am 2 years and 8 months old next week which means that in a few years, I will be ready to go pro and climb the Pyrenees in the Tour de France. I am going to do it "all natural" too and take the training wheels off as I don't want to be accused of cheating in such a clean sport.

Unfortunately, last night and today it has snowed a lot so we aren't going to be riding tomorrow, but hopefully on the weekend it is better and I can get out there to hear the whistling wind flow past my ears at high speed.

Born to ride.


And hey Daddy - No more stealing - write your own posts.

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You're doing really well! Soon Daddy won't be able to keep up with you!

I peddle slowly for him, I talk slowly for him as well.

Hill climb section toward the end there.


I'd have trouble getting up that nose...

getting up that nose... Quality humour right there.

You're indescribably adorable!

awww shucks. blush

That bike seems natural for you which is great as I still struggle on them and has made it difficult to teach my daughter which is stillnon training wheels too! I have to get back at teaching her.

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Daddy doesn't even own a bike citing, "all of the worst injuries happened on a bike"*

Do teach her though, then we can ride on together. I am looking forward to riding to picnics on the beach this year.

I saw that, and just as I was thinking wow that was a great video, and now I found out it was stolen?! Taraz how could you! 🤣

I just realised you’re around the same age as my nephew. Must have been a great year to be born 🙃

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2016 was a good year for children. According to Daddy, 1979 was too - but I have seen no evidence of the claim.

I think 1979 might have been a good year. Probably cool people born in it but mostly because of a song I like. Which was also one of the first things my cousin taught me how to play on guitar. I'm pretty sure there's no "bad" words in it and it's pretty chill if you want to have a listen but get Daddy to check first.

I also eat muffins in front of her while she eats sweet potato and plain pork. I must say, I feel a bit bad when she asks,

"Daddy, does it taste good?"

[gasp] TARAZ D:


On the one hand THAT'S SO MEEEEAAAAAAAAN ;-; on the other hand if those food allergies continue plagueing her throughout life istead of buggering off sometime soon it's a thing that she's going to have to get used to anyway :<

She has been incredible with it. When she asks she is genuinely checking if I like it as we ask her about her food. We have normalised eating different meals from the start so she is okay with it. I get terrible looks from other people though :D

She is an incredible child. And of course she means it at her age, I don’t remember how old they are when they start learning snark but they’re amazing at it by the time they’re teenagers 🙄 (in my case it couldn’t be helped as they learned from the best 🤣😑)

If it’s normal for her that makes that side of things easier. It’s less fun for everyone when you all suddenly have to change diet to deal with a new problem (as we found out the hard way when we trialled gluten and dairy free to see if it helped youngest’s autism and adhd issues, didn’t help in our case).

Pfft other people they have no idea 😆

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