The Northern Cascades

in diablo •  8 months ago

On our journey up north, after passing through Seattle, we ventured through the Northern Cascades briefly. I only have a few photos from our pass through but it is definitely some place that we will have to later revisit and is a park that I would recommend seeing. The clear night skies illuminate with stars and planets and really are spectacular to witness in person. Places like Diablo, WA and Ross Lake offer some stunning views. The roads are single lane and can be a little narrow, but if you are willing to make the drive you will be rewarded with some great pullouts for some amazing photo oppurtunities and experiences. Be mindful of weather and road obstacles as they can prove both unpredictable and dangerous if you aren't careful. We came across a few bad accidents along the way and it is evident. As long as you are careful and aware you should have an amazing time visiting the area.

Please enjoy the few photos I have below from our drive through the Northern Cascades.

Some Northern Cascades nature.

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@devdoja this is so great man! Amazing pictures. Im glad the steemit-press plugin is working! Awesome! Can't wait to see more!


Next post will be Vancouver.... finally. I'm Soo behind lol