[Acid Plays] Diablo 3 - Seasonal Crusader Torment 8 - Whimsydale

in diablo •  6 months ago

While doing a normal Rift I noticed a strange Rainbow Goblin that I had never seen before, after killing him a rainbow colored portal opened up that lead to this place. I was so surprised by the place I had to record it and post it here, looked so funny compared to the usual dark style of the Diablo environment.

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Leave Leoric's Crown in the cube. Put Akkhan's Addemum in Cube and use Rally rune in your Akarat's Champion. Instead of Steed charge, leave Provoke - Too Scared To Run in. You will have plenty of speed (albeit a bit less), but now you can spam Condemn - Vacuum without ever being Wrath starved... Plus you won't die because Akarat's Champion fell off in a freak incident. Mindless Speed Farm... plus it works great in Split Bounties.

Hehhehe what do you think the rainbow signify?

I get what you do now. You use dlive to post live streamings then use dtube when you just want to show us how you played a game you didnt stream live. Why dont you like using dlive to post already played games? Any special reason for using dtube instead of dlive?


I like to promote a lot of steem apps such as dlive, dtube, steepshot, etc. We are all working on the same team here. :)


Owk havent seen your steepshot post before though :-)

Great post

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Sounds Good :) ha R R Really its very interesting

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I guess rainbow is of many colours...... It won't be too easy to override the look of rainbow in there coz of the attributes but still move on it's a game not real good luck.

The path and rainbow are beautiful in video.
it is interesting for time passing.

wow DTube its great time to watch!

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it's a secret level..
You must create an item "Staff of Herding".
In "Act 1", there you can find the "Black Mushroom" that appears in "Cathedral" level 1, try looking for "Shinbone" that appears randomly in the fireplace, in Act 2 ". You Must get "Wirt's Bell" sold by merchants in the city
Still in "Act2". When you are in "Mysterious Cave",save the old man who is in "Oasis" and he will open the box (Mysterious Chest) which contains "Liquid Rainbow", this is very exciting, happy to play sir @acidyo

haha I did not expect that! This is what I call WHACK!! Even the minimap looks awesome haha

Nice post
Good luck

Vice imagine pic.... Like it

I think you should check game called Path of Exile. If u like Diablo you should like PoE too :)

I think you are really good at diablo

I give up! I am done playing Diablo III. It's gone repetitively boring. No medieval horror atmosphere elements, no trading system, no runeword system, no PvP, etc. Hence, I'd wait until Diablo II: Remasterd comes out, and then I'd wait for newer Diablo game announcement at Blizzcon 2018!

This is pretty much the build I used way back in season 1 when that condemned shield was first introduced and when there were season exclusive legendaries(Remeber those?) Good times. Don't think I had a more funnier time with a diablo 3 build since CM Wizards way back in the mystical vanalia days

I swear sometimes I think I'm playing a different version of this game then you. I have all the gear listed here, yet even on a low Grift 100 not even 124 I'm being 1-shot by almost everything, even trash mobs. I have so much paragon I rolled the strength off of some of my gear to get more Vit or All res, so I have more Vit, All res, and armor than you but I die almost instantly even with indestructible. And you claim this gear can clear a 124? you gotta be kidding me

I tried this build and couldn't do dogshit with it, like absolutely nothing. No damage and super squishy, and I am around paragon lvl 600 and have some pieces of ancient gear. I was getting wiped out on a t13 neph rift. Went back to my thorns build which destroys everything.

just ah perfect click!!.....

Good sound,very interesting

good article and post, we chatted briefly last nite on youtube chat under Cryptor Candor video, finally found you on here, anyways i upvoted you and follow you now, look to seeing more of your posts

Whimsydale is awesome. They have really upped the rewards compared to the original iterations of it. It used to be just like Whimsyshire, but now there are drops like deaths breath, blood shards, and other good stuff. It is always exciting when you are able to go there. I think there is also a cosmetic item that sometimes drops from one of the bosses in there. Good luck!

Great video, thanks. Followed.

just ah perfect click!!.....