[Acid Plays] Diablo 3 - Seasonal Hardcore Crusader - leveling through Rift

in diablo •  10 months ago

I decided to try out Rift at Expert difficulty on my leveling Crusader. Taking a break from the usual questing that is required when leveling up to do this instead and I might continue to do adventure mode a lot more in the near future until I get to level 70. Was a pretty good run but I think I can do it faster in the near future!

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Sure! Dm me on Discord for my battle.net at acidyo#8038

A great game. Let's continue to go to a better place.

God bless you friend

God bless you@acidyo sir.

I remember when I was playing on hardcore. Died few times but I had my save backup hahaha

Yeah,acidyo the gamer.i wanna give the game a play too,how do I?


Check out battle.net

great game

Wow very glad I have the opportunity to look back at the games that you play very interesting I like. Diablo 3. Success always for you

Congratulations @acidyo!
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I remember when Diablo first burst to the scene, I had a Pentium 586 ;() Playing Fifa online?