3 Ways To Control Your Diabetes, Contributed by Community

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Diabetes is becoming very common among people nowadays and it is well known that diabetes can't be cured. In fact, there are two types of diabetes: Type 1 require Insulin and Type 2 is related to Adult Onset. Both types of diabetes can't be cured. However, you can control your diabetes and keep the blood sugar level to the normal level by following some methods.

There have been a lot of deceiving news that "Dr. A treated Mr. B successfully who was suffering from Diabetes" but you know what? they can be exceptional cases but there is no sure-fire cure for Diabetes. My mom and dad are also suffering from Diabetes but thankfully that diabetes doesn't require insulin. My grandfather who just passed away had Diabetes which used to require insulin 3 times a day.


Diabetes is such a dangerous disease that if you have a severe wound on your body, that could lead to cut that part of the body to get rid of poison or else the whole body becomes poisonous which leads to the death of a patient. That's the reason why Doctors hurry to cut the area which is severely injured and wounded.

Once you understand how dangerous diabetes can be, the next step is to find out what can be done to keep the blood sugar level to the normal level? Is it possible naturally or you'd require medicines? Well, it is possible through both ways. In this article, we'll discuss mixed ways that could keep your diabetes within normal limits.

1 - Use Insulin Before You Take Meal (Ask the physician):

Before we move any forward, you must understand that I am not a doctor and my advice is general. Your health is much important and therefore, you must ask the treatment from the relevant doctor. This article is meant to increase your general knowledge (that you could use to learn more with your doctor).

As you've read above, there are two types of diabetes. Type 1 requires diabetes before you take meal usually. Timings might differ but Doctor instructed my grandfather to take insulin before the meal but how much? That completely depends on the level of diabetes. The reason why you need insulin for Type 1 is that your body becomes unable to produce insulin and therefore, the patient must add insulin to his body by himself.

2 - Use Oral Medications Before Taking Meal (Ask the physician):

When it comes to Type 2 diabetes, the first option is to take oral medications and that's what most people suggest. The time when you start taking insulin by yourself through injections etc, it becomes a lifetime habit and necessity, and let me tell you, it really sucks to need external insulin for the lifetime.


My mom and dad are suffering from Type 2 diabetes and they take oral medicines (Thanks to God) successfully. So, you might have to do the same. The medicine that my mom uses is "Diamicron". In short, it controls your blood glucose level and it increases the amount of insulin and also helps with the use of Insulin within your body.

It is important to note that medicines vary case to case. Your case might be different than my mom. Diamicron is only used when other methods fail to control the blood glucose level. So, there are other methods such as exercise, weight losing etc before taking the oral medicines.

3 - Eat High Protein, Low Calories, and Higher Nutrient Meal:

This method is best when it comes to natural treatment. You must take care of low calories thingy because high calories lead to obesity which is the root cause of Type 2 disease. Therefore, keeping the calories to a low level is the must. You can eat vegetables such as cucumbers and tomatoes that are low in calories.

But at the same time, you must take high protein food such as fishes and white chicken meat. It is healthy for you and therefore gives you the energy to fight diabetes. You can also eat eggs because they are less in calories but high in protein.

As I've explained above, you may be suffering from other diseases too and therefore, one option might work well for your diabetes disease but worsen another disease from which you are suffering. That's why it is best to contact the physician and ask in this context too whether you need high protein and low-calorie food. And if so, which food should be taken. Be extra careful because ignoring diabetes can be deadly. If you control it well, you can stay in good health.



This is good info especially for those who are suffering or have someone suffering from diabetes, thanks for the info

its really very nice and useful post

very nice post ,its very useful instructions for everyone to be healthy ,thanks for sharing this important tips with us

To control your diabetes
Reduce your cravings for sweets by slowly reduce the sugar in your diet a little at a time to give your taste buds time to adjust.
Hold the bread (or rice or pasta) if you want dessert. ...
Add some healthy fat to your dessert. ...
Eat sweets with a meal, rather than as a stand-alone snack.

Absolutley agree! Excessive carbohydrate intake, particularly of artificial "simple ones, does seem to lead to insulin resistance, as the body is constantly attempting to bring down the level of sugar present in the blood. Healthy fats will help you feel full when you have less carbohydrates, protein keeps your body from going after your muscles and when you eat fewer calories than you body needs (per your activity levels), it will eat away at excess body fat that may be impacting your organ function.

A slow gradual change will be smoothest transition, but if you go cold turkey, you see a quick difference, partially due to water weight. Speaking of which, make sure you are getting a lot of water and your electrolytes (sodium, potassium, magnesium) to avoid the brain fog or achiness your body will experience during sugar withdrawls, especially with the widespread "western diet" these days.

Oh brain fog..gotta read that. Asians seem to have the highest number of diabetis so am thinking that carbs plays a role in it.

Fructose and sucrose, the sugars in carbohydrates, are being shown to cause serious inflammation, (and fructose especially) leads to your body storing fat to keep our bodies from having too high of blood sugars. Our brains and our bodies don't have use for so much and we are seeing serious health epidemics because the sugar industry paid to bury the lead for years...healthcare is still trying to catch up but the evidence against sugar grows daily.

Keeping diabetes under control or preventing it is the best solution, you don't want to end up blind or limbless by letting it get out of hand (or fingers). On an unrelated note, prescription vitamin D is amazing for health, is a necessary supplement for some who have low absorption rates, live in not-so-sunny areas and can't get enough sunlight, or are in at-risk groups, including the elderly (it's been shown to have possible buffering effects against memory-loss related diseases). Over the counter is usually not the same type and does not get processed by the body the same way.

Nice post........unfortunately lot of people are not aware that diabetes is disease of diet. Sticking to ketogenic diet or candida diet would make a big difference at least at type 2.

Good post I enjoyed reading it but some of the information within it just isn't accurate.

Firstly there are more than 2 types of Diabetes the 5 main sub types include

Maturity onset diabetes in Youth (MODY) type 2 for kids
Latent Autoimmune diabetes in Adults (LADA) type 1 for adults and
gestational diabetes.

The only reason that a type 2 would really need to have any medication is if they plan on having a highly laden plate of carbohydrates which will cause a massive spike in blood sugars, whereas type 1 who obviously have no insulin to naturally lower the blood sugar, require both to act against the carbohydrates they consume but also for their protein consumption due to the production of sugar through the breakdown of proteins and amino acids into sugar through gluconeogenesis. Therefore eating a high protein diet for type 1 could be as detrimental as eating high carbohydrates.

As far as calories are concerned it couldn't be further from the truth both protein and carbohydrates both have 4 calories per gram and Fats have 9 calories per gram.

Obesity amongst other things is due to Insulin resistance, and carbohydrate intolerance, and therefore when the body cannot process the excessive amounts of sugar in the body it converts into triglycerides and stores it within the adipose tissue. and you are correct it is the Insulin resistance that causes Type 2 diabetes.
Eating fat doesn't make you fat unless you consume too much of it.

The growing body of evidence within the medical field supports the fact, and has been published in some of the biggest medical journals that you can reverse type 2 diabetes to pre diabetic states if you follow a low carbohydrate program.

it should also be noted if you are type 1 you needn't feel despondent their are many good programs designed to allow you to have normal blood sugars without injecting yourself with vast amounts of insulin on a daily basis for example Dr Bernstein's Diabetes Solution. He himself is a physician and diabetic for over 70 years now and lives a very active and happy life without the chronic complication associated with diabetes.

I wish your parents well and hope they can manage to prevent the development of the chronic complications associated with diabetes.

It's not true that diabetes can't ever be cured. Some people are doing it all the time using therapeutic diets. It's more difficult to do with Type 1, because that is vaccine damage (it says so right in the MMR package insert), but the body is designed to heal itself if you give it the tools it needs, the targeted nutrition, to do so.

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Thank you for getting used to healthy living

Hello, I am a doctor, and reviewing your post, you explain with simple words how to live with this pathology. Very well you say, until now there is no definitive cure for diabetes, none of its types. But there are advances not only in the field of medicines, but from the genetic point of view. Recent studies with stem cells have given hopeful results. At least in the case of type 1 diabetes, which is where the beta cells of the pancreas do not produce insulin. In the case of type 2 diabetes, it is necessary to prevent it by avoiding so many eating disorders and doing exercises. Congratulations for your post.

Interesting..which places are doing this one? Am cardiac so am not familiar with using stem cells to treat DM.

You will be amazed at places where these advances are being made, given that what is lately known about my country are not the best things, in Venezuela one of the best laboratories for studying stem cells in Latin America is found, in fact they are pioneers in those investigations. In the state Aragua. In Brazil there are also many advances in this field, research has been carried out for the regeneration of retinas, with stem cells, achieving improvements in blind people (depending on the cause of blindness, of course)

Stem cells in cardiac is working...so i believe it its' effectivity.
It is expensive though so its' use is limited. I have worked in research where we needed patients in the trials. I hope in countries where this is being done, it is for everyone. Cheers!

This post will help a great deal of people. In fact, i need to ask for your permission if i can screenshot the whole content to send to a friend who is diabetic....
You have expressly simplified the medical jargons... Thanks for the post

It's never a regret joining @communitycoin. Great information. Keep it up

Great post for managing the disease but doesn't speak to overcoming it (Which is possible in type 2).

The answer is so simple....the problem is sugar so cut out sugar.
You also mentioned high protein; I disagree, protein can be easily converted onto sugar when in excess.

As a doctor, I really love that you wrote ask the doctor first. Some people tend to use medication on their own. Btw great dietary tips :)

I love the way you arrange the content of the tutorials, they are straightforward and well more understanding.. Keep it up.
Expecting more from you..

i knew about an improvement of medicine of diabetics ,,,,an insulin which only need to take one time a week.it can give a little bit of relief for diabetic patient who are taking 2 times injection a day.

Excellent discussion and you wrote detailed about diabetes..I would like to say that this kind of awareness is must for general public and specially diabetic patients..they must never miss their insulin dose or results can be fatal. Keep HbA1C i normal ranges.

As a type 1 myself, I can really appreciate this kind of content. Thank you @communitycoin

Actively exercising can be also a way to control diabetes if people do not like controlling their diet everyday of a month. Most important things is people who have diabetes should know basic knowledge about it -- atleast to the extend of 1) what kind of diabetes they have, 2) what is the possible origin of it?, 3) how the drug or insulin they take modulates their diabetes given their calories intakes, 4) tack their calories down and never stay hungry to control the insulin level.

This really good information and reminder for those suffering diabetes. thank you @communitycoin.

Nice. There are also short and long-acting insulin where the former needs to be taken 30min before meals, the long acting can be taken at meal times.
Gliclizide can lower the blood sugar, where it needs to be taken at 30min before meals also.

Insulin, oral medications and protein. Thanks for the tips. Will encourage the old people here to do these.

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Useful post. Nice to know [email protected]

Nice write up, very educating

New to STEEM but as a future health care professional, this kind of content is needed everywhere people are at. Thanks for putting this together.

For Type 2 diabetes, it is becoming increasingly clear that a better option would be treating to heal rather than the current treat to failure.

Beta cells exhaustion from a lifestyle that demands chronically high levels of insulin production is root cause. Unfortunately the prevailing standard of care doesn't effectively address this. That is why 99.99% of T2D are unable to achieve remission and remain dependent on lifelong medication.

Switching to a carbs lite fats friendly lifestyle that demands less insulin production will preserve the remaining beta cells and possibly allow regeneration of new beta cells.

HbA1c reduced from 11% to 5.5% within 3 months. No medication, no exercise, no will power needed...we can turn mountains into molehills.

@communitycoin visit my blog if you have a time please and support me in this steemit

The thing with using diet to approach this health issues, is that some of these crops are grown with chemicals that are harmful and therefore, one can't completely vouch for the authenticity of the crops.

Simply inclining ones bed is supposed to help too http://www.inclinedbedtherapy.com
Most important step is good diet and lifestyle change though

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