IS DGB Ready To Fly from Double Bottom ? Buy Signal check my analysis :)

in #dgb5 years ago (edited)

Hi Guys !

Just Sharing a Signal of expected move :)

Buy between 950 to 1000

Get Some DGB if you Don't Have it

It's looking very nice just matter of getting more support from investors but almost all traders try to get double bottom so i'm expecting 10 to 30% move from there so Book your profit whenever you feel like it :)

Patience is the key ;)


Hope it go skyhigh so i can sell off ahahahhahaha

OMG btw what price you got it for ? :p

1300 ... only have a smal bag

How many coins is a "bag"?

I think will go up to 1300, not higher than that

Still not bad tho 30% profit there by tomorrow or next day expecting :D

hope for the best :) so much support will be coming soon tho

Hoping to recover soon

OMG dgb really spoiled so many parties

already had a bag on this price, but bought a bit more

Thanks a lot bro

Just picked up some DGB at 875. :3

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