NHL Draftkings GPP play Mar 5th - Main Slate Results

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Photo by Draftkings.com

NHL GPP Lineup - Main Slate

C - Tyler Seguin - 9.50 pts
C - Sidney Crosby - 0.50 pts
W - Alexander Radulov - 5.00 pts
W - Jamie Benn - 0.50 pts
W - Daniel Sedin - 1.00 pts
D - Dan Hamhuis - 3.00 pts
D - Brendan Guhle - 1.00 pts
G - Ben Bishop - 2.40 pts
U - Greg Pateryn - 2.50 pts

Total - 25.40 pts - Loser!!!

I missed the main slate lock for tonight so we're going to play the late slate. It locks in 21 minutes at 8pm Eastern. My lineup will be out in 10 minutes


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