Explanation of Token Trading

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So you want to understand blockchain token trading?

Let’s dive in.

Blockchain is a very new concept for most people, and if you gain a basic understanding about blockchain (before everyone else) it may benefit your life.

Today we’ll talk about the concept of token trading within the EOS Blockchain.

So say you just set up your EOS and Scatter account:

Set up EOS Account: https://medium.com/@support_1334/create-an-eos-account-in-3-min-cea82b342350

Set up Scatter Account: https://medium.com/@support_1334/how-to-create-a-scatter-account-quick-video-tutorial-enclosed-75332f2c53da

Great start.

Though now you want to make some money within the EOS Blockchain. In other words, you would like to make money quicker than just holding EOS itself.

There is where token trading comes in.

Tokens are distributed by dApps (“companies”) within the EOS Blockchain. The way you can gain tokens from different dApps is either through airdrops or by trading them for EOS.

On DEXEOS’ trading page, (https://dexeos.io/trade) you can browse the different tokens which can be traded — similar to the UI of regular fiat exchanges.

So over time, the value of some tokens will go up while others go down. Therefore, it all comes down to you doing research before you start investing in a company’s tokens.

Also, you may realize that some tokens have internal benefits (airdrops and rewards) for individuals holding their company’s tokens.

All in all, I believe the concept of tokenization is a lot simpler than what people think.

Thanks for reading and feel free to comment!

Telegram: https://t.me/dexeos_io


I figure all the projects are very young and very cheap. I'm buying a bit of everything if a couple of them do well.... It will be a win.

Yes, for sure! :)

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