Dexeos Update Scheduled

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[Update Notice]
Due to either firewalls or public agencies, a bug that was previously unable to be checked regarding details of unconfirmed orders has been modified.

Regarding placing an order in the format of percentages — we have modified the feature so that the same percentage could not be selected consecutively.

[Ready to Update]

Once again, our UI modification is scheduled.

Trade support for sidechain tokens is scheduled and is currently being tested with the following teams:




BTC/ETH Transaction Support and Open Market is scheduled for December.

Kakao/Facebook login support is scheduled.

End of October/November*

This means you will be able to login into DEXEOS just by using your Facebook or Kakao account!!!

  • Even if you don’t know what a blockchain/EOS/Scatter is, you can use DEXEOS because it is simple and very easy to use.
  1. The DEXEOS Mobile App private beta test has begun.

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