California wildfires connection directed energy weapons burinig America

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I'm pissed off about this and people need to speak up!!!! We are under attack and it couldn't be more obvious....

It's not just happening in the United States it's happening all around the world... These are the same toasted cars and anomalies we saw a 911.... Cars burned beyond recognition and the paper in trees nearby did not burn??? WTF

Look at this! An entire block of houses burned to ashes.... The surrounding trees, drivewayand, and neighboring houses are perfect??? Nothing to see...

Toasted car with engine and rims melted in California "wildfires"..

Parking lot full of toasted cars from 911 terrorist attack... (((Who))) are the real terrorist??? Some of these toasted cars were 3/4 mile away on 911 . And it left the paper on the ground and the trees untouched????

Hilton hotel fire in California. Watch how the building burns slowly and the surrounding trees are not burned???

Going going.....

GONE!!!! Look at the white flag and the pine trees... The flag is still white the pine trees are not burned... what kind of wild fire burns buildings and cars and leaves the highly volatile trees and papers unburned???

Look at these toasted boats. The dock is fine but the boat is torched...

How do cars get torched in the desert with no trees around????

At least this island of trees didn't burn...

The grass is always greener on the other side... At least the trees survived on the burned side...

Before and after the "wildfire"???

More toasted cars for the California "wildfires"... forget the v-shape cracked rear window on the van. Also pay close attention to the unburned trees and bushes in the background. The house was reduced to ashes nothing left but the chimney... the DEW weapon was accurate enough to burn the entire house including the exterior bricks but suspiciously leave the chimney behind.... That's pinpoint accuracy...

At least the trash cans didn't burn... The dry leaves along the curb didn't burn either...

911 and Iraq..

Look at the burn pattern on the back section of this police car... It's in perfect alignment with the front section of the van behind it!!!! This is conclusive evidence that this was some kind of directed energy weapon. Triangulation of this damage would also tell you what direction the beam came from!!!

This is not the same car but it has a similar burn pattern...

The stone facade is blown off the face of this building. Can you notice the anomaly with the broken glass?

This is one of the key pieces of evidence to understanding 911. This is building 6... It wasn't struck by anything but the center of the building was completely hollowed out and the exterior walls did not collapse??? Where did all of the debris go inside of the building??? It turned into dust... There were no steel beams or concrete rubble..

One of the few surviving steel beams from 911... It resembles a steel beam in a Russian building that recently burned.

It also looks like this sample from John Hutchinson's experiment...

Predictive programming Super Mario Brothers movie.... Looks exactly like what happened on 911...

Please watch these videos. They describe this technology. You can also search for John Hutchinson on YouTube...

This is a very short video from John Hutchinson he describes turning this stainless steel bar into a powder of an unknown substance and embedding wood in a solid block of aluminum. When he turns off the field effect the metal resolidifies surround the wood...

This video is from a recent building fire in Brazil... The building was made of concrete and steel and collapsed just like Building 7 on 911 at free fall speed...

This is a video from California wildfires. It shows a lot of the anomalies of burned out houses and cars right next to unburned trees????

This is a bridge fire in Georgia where the concrete actually burned from this weapon. This channel has a lot of good videos about directed energy weapons....

A bridge in Ohio hit with the same weapon..

Here are two videos that show a burned-out parking garage in London. The Grenfell towers was also hit with this weapon.

This is the most damning piece of evidence. The house was literally chopped in half!!! One part of the house was completely obliterated and the other half was perfect???

If you have the ability to back up this video please do it. I don't think it's going to be up for long. House after house completely destroyed and the trees surrounding them are left untouched????

For all you doubters I have a Bible verse that describes this perfectly.

Jeremiah 5:21 Hear this, you stupid and senseless people! You have eyes, but you cannot see!!! You have ears, but you cannot hear. This is not a wildfire!!! It's obviously some type of weapon!!!!

Sorry for making this article so long. I had to leave a lot of stuff out. Please like and share this article with everyone you know. I'm donating all my earnings from this article... I don't do this for money. I'm only using this as a platform to permanently record this information.
Thank you.
God bless

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ron peep this video!/v/gmcdxx/r8fxtski I found out who George webb really is half this info was already out with lots of red herrings basically Dave acton is really dave douglas and george webb is really david g sweigert or george D sweigert either way they are not brothers and they are not the same person. The whole operation is to censor and control social media peep this book "dave" sweigert wrote who is actually george webb is a mad eup name because he is actually a web designer and it guy. spread the info make a video on it or something. Im looking into who Dave douglas really is he appears to have been in several videos of americas most wanted as a cop but his main job was a camera man but he did random extra work but we knew that. What we didnt know is the name douglas or douglass he appears to live in redding california or thousand oaks still looking he has muddied the records so much to make it look like he had 30 addresses but that is easy to do you just put fake addresses out on any form that asks for your address such as a credit app or a magazine subscription its very easy but certain companies will not delete your real records and will not add the BS ones I'm not telling what those little known comapnies are thoguh to alert the world. peace


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