Understanding Ministry

in #devotion3 years ago

1).The foundation of ministry is character not a professional skill
2)The Nature of ministry is service not being served.
3).The motive of ministry is love not money or power.
4).The measure of ministry is sacrifice not success.
5).The authority in ministry is submission not pulling ranks.
6).The purpose of ministry is to glorify God not to show off.
7).The tool of ministry is prayer and the word of God not network marketing
8).The privilege of ministry is growth which may be in depth rather than in numbers.
9).The power of ministry is the Holy Spirit not programmes.
10).The model for ministry is the Lord Jesus Christ not a corporation.
Please let us do it faithfully and diligently, God bless you.


Comparing Christianity to a production line? So, what would be the product of this "Anti-Christianity" that you're comparing Christianity with?

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