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FOUNDATION SCRIPTURE: John 11:1-6,17-25.
Lazarus, the brother of Mary and Martha was sick
and when the news got to Jesus, He prophetically
declared that the sickness was not unto death
but for the glory of God. But before Jesus arrived
Bethany, Lazarus had died and had been buried
four days earlier. By this time, sorrow, aging and
hopelessness had pervaded the household.
As soon as Martha was told that Jesus was
coming, she went and received Him and told Him
that if He had been there on time, her brother
would not have died. Responding, Jesus told her,
"thy brother shall rise again. I am the resurrection
and the life: he that believeth in me, though he
were dead, yet shall he live" (verse 23,25).
We notice that when Jesus was told of the
condition of Lazarus, the first thing He did was to
prophesy upon that situation. Any situation
experiencing a collapse in your life right now shall
rise again. Receive the force of life to flourish and
abound. Prophesy upon it in faith. Every
declaration of Gos concerning you will surely
come to pass in Jesus Name.

  1. Recall every declaration of God concerning you,
    your family and friends and pray for their
  2. Rebuke that spirit of death over the work of
    your hands and command life to come upon it in
    Jesus Name.

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