Here is everything you need to know

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Here is everything you need to know

Welcome to whaleshare community Whatsap group 🐋🐋

What is WHALESHARE ? Whaleshare is a platform like steemit or scorum where u can get upvote for posting and get reward via curation when you upvote other people , in whaleshare you are permitted to post any form of article .

How can you register ? For now you can register for the pre launch starting on 15th of August - sept15
Note the pre launch require a fee for sigup which are listed below

1st registration cost 500whalesharetoken to sigup on August 15

2nd registration cost 250whaleshare token to participate on 22nd august -sept15

Free signup start on sept15

Note: if you'v already sigup up for their testnet you will need to register again either by registering for pre launch or you wait til sept15 for free sigup up.

Whaleshares Terminology

These are a few common terms that will be used on whaleshare platform

  1. WLS: Wls is the native token of whaleshare .this is the token you will be able to transfer in/out of the platform to bitsharesDex.

  2. WHALESTAKE : This is your vested (just like steemit power or scorum power) .the more whalestake you hold, the higher you max vote value is .NOTE There is no secondary pegged assets on whaleshare platform ,all of your earned rewards will be given in whalestake .to remove earning from the platform you will have to powerdown a set amounts of whalestake which convert to liquid WLS just like how steemit does

  3. MANA : MANA is the % of voting power of your account , each time you share/upvote for a post or comment your mana will be reduce by 2% and it will recharge at rate of 20% perday .

  4. WHALECOINS : whalecoin are token which you can send to whales for upvoting your article content just like the way whaleshare token was used on steemit but now there lot of whale coin that will be operating on this great community such as beyondbit token, hairshare token, litt token,krazycoin token and lot of more .

🐋🐋Thanks for joining and support to this great platform more information will be pass accros to us🐋🐋

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