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in #devotion4 years ago

Today, the Lord God will arise from His throne & bless you. He will bless you with what you have been praying for. He will reward you a million fold with what you work for. He will grant unto you your all aspirations & surprise you with what you have not asked for. He will visit your home with good tidings and put a new song into your mouth. Any wicked person that has vowed to waste your efforts, your time, your resources, and glory, shall be wasted by the grace of God. As you set your feet on today's activities, Heavens shall step out with you. All your missions shall be accomplished to the glory of God. It shall be well with you by the grace of God Almighty. Amen. Remain blessed. Good Morning Beloved Have a Wonderful day ahead !!!


Prayers aren't something you claim. This one is idiotic. You can't just claim a million blessings and expect to receive them. This is the prayer of someone who knows almost nothing about God.

You're better off praying to God yourself.

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