All Aboard The Steem Train. Day 11. Tiverton to Taunton

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  • Tips from the Station Master.......
  • Events connected with Steemit..... 
  • Helping the Underprivileged Worldwide.... 
  • Highlights from our Journey Through Devon....


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For a summary of hints from the Stationmaster

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Week Two Click here


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Gary Wuirch collects backpacks for kids in care. He heard that they had to load up their belongings in garbage bags when they were moving. At the time of the article he had dropped off 80 backpacks to Macdonald Youth Services. 

There is much more information about Gary's initiative in this CBC article 

You can find the original post on Steemit here

Tiverton to Taunton

The Steem train is running on the route surveyed by the great Victorian engineer, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. The Great Western Railway (GWR) runs from Paddington, London to Penzance in West Cornwall. It was opened in stages with the first train pulling out of Paddington in 1838, just thirteen years after the first commercial passenger railway in the world was opened in 1825. 

Source: Google Images/Flickr

It wasn't until 1867 that the line from London to Penzance was completed after many engineering challenges had been overcome. These included the construction of the 2 mile long Box Tunnel and The Royal Albert Bridge over the River Tamar at Saltash. The latter was completed in 1859, the year in which Brunel died.

Marvel at the sight and sound of a Steam train travelling at speed     

Map of Devon plotting our journey

Source: Steam train displayed in the heading thanks to  

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