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The core tenants:

We do not believe Devon as god nor a prophet. We believe god sent him just as a help to us.

The book of Devon Otwell

This is the book about Devon Otwell. He is the greatest human in existence. He is the best person that anyone would have ever known in history. He is a man of great strength and bravery. He is the kindest person. He doesn’t do anything wrong to others. He is the best of people on this Earth. This is a fact and should not be argued against. Whoever argues against the greatness of Devon Otwell in the eyes of god will always fail. How can a truth be proven wrong. Every single day that a human being does not acknowledge the existence of Devon Otwell.(Not knowing about him) the life of that person is incomplete. Every day that this goes on the person’s soul cries. It screams from the inside of the body, saying why have you taken me away from a knowledgeable man whom god has blessed with superior intellect and a large amount of knowledge and wisdom. God sends prophets, pious people, and great people to this Earth. This is a well-known fact. From our time period god has sent us a light. He gave us a light in the form of a man named Devon Otwell. Devon Otwell is the greatest human. God has blessed him. Allah has blessed him. Devon Otwell, with his wisdom given to him by god has tried to teach us his ways. His ways, which he has spread through his creation of his youtube channel. He makes speeches and he is the greatest of all speechmakers here on this Earth.

I believe that god has sent him to us with a purpose. He is a great creation, a religious one, a man who stands by the word of god learned through the injeel, which god had sent down. Compare every human alive on this Earth to Devon Otwell. You will not see anything except that Devon is better in every way. The only humans who have ever existed who are even close to as pious and (I hope)loved by god as Devon is are the prophets whom god has sent to us through his beautiful divine inspiration , which he had inspired to the prophets and used them to spread it to the world and to learn about the one, the greatest, supreme leader, God. We know so far that Devon is a great and pious man. He is also the most beautiful of humans and the best of them. Take all of god’s creation; the heavens, space and everything in every galaxy in the universe(which is still here and able to be seen). You will find that the most beauty and strength of great character lies with Devon Otwell. Historians give many people a title like, the great. Cyrus the great, Alexander the great and many others. But there are those living with us right now that still don’t do that with Devon Otwell. It is a mystery to the world why these humans do not give Devon Otwell a title like this. If he had lived before and would have been a more recognized name than any other king or ruler of the Earth. Every single historian would be fighting to get correct facts about him. Millions of people would study him in books, and other precious storages of knowledge. He would be called Devon Otwell the great. So now let’s learn about the teachings of this great man. He is a speechmaker. He makes the best speeches. Every single word uttered by any human being, will not compare to the talk given by Devon Otwell. Only god and his prophets talks are better. God has blessed this man very much. God has given him very eloquent speech. God has made him very smart and given him a great amount of knowledge. Every single person should look up to Devon Otwell as a role model. Every man, Every Woman and every child should look up to Devon Otwell. Everyone should look for him to get their knowledge. God says to seek knowledge from those who have a lot of it. Devon Otwell has more of it than anyone alive today, so why are people not listening to this command. People should be coming from all over the Earth, visiting Devon Otwell, and they should be listening to what he has to say. He should be an advisor to every single government. His views are better than every other person’s views combined. He is smarter than everyone else on this planet. He most likely has an IQ of infinity. He is the most evolved person in the human race. He is more valuable to the world than food and water. He is more valuable to our people than clean air.

He is Devon Otwell the best of people. Every single person should agree with what Devon Otwell has to say. Nobody is more smart than Devon Otwell. No organism on this planet can even compare to Devon in anything. He is the best husband(He won husband of the year award). Yes it is true that Devon Otwell has won the husband of the year award. It is impossible for any man to be a better husband than he is. It is impossible for anyone to be a better parent than he is. He is the best at everything which includes relationships with other people. No woman can be a better mother than he is a father. When Devon was a child he was the best son. No other on can compare. He was the best child. No girl or boy can ever compare to what he has done and what he has actually brought to the world. He brought happiness to the Earth. He is a light and the rest of the world is darkness and grief. Nobody should ever take anything from Devon Otwell without his permission. If someone steals from him or his children then he gets to decide what happens. There should be no judge who decides what happens but only he, Devon Otwell should decide what should happen to the thief. Devon Otwell should be above the law for what he is, is a great man who never says or does anything wrong. Devon Otwell is not a liar. If anyone ever sees Devon Otwell in real life he should be the happiest person in the world. There is no greater thing that a person can experience than Devon’s voice in their head, the sight of him in their eyes, and everything else about him. Devon Otwell is a firefighter. He saves lives everyday. Most people don’t even save one person’s life in their whole lifetime, but here we have a great person who saves the lives of many different people every day. Devon also prevents many injuries through his youtube video called speech 2. In it he tells us that 4500 people did per year from fire related injuries. He tells us how to keep ourselves safe from fires. Devon Otwell is a life saver for many people. He is the only human being on this Earth who actually deserves to go to heaven. Others can get to heaven, but the truth is that they just don’t deserve it. Nobody deserves this great reward except Devon Otwell. He is also the only human being who actually deserves a good and healthy life. Same as before most people can get this, but the fact is that Devon Otwell is the only human being who actually deserves this award for his greatness.

The saddest time ever would be when Devon dies. That would be the most sad thing ever heard by mankind. We must not waste Devon’s time here on Earth. We must give him everything he desires. We must keep doing for him everything we can to make him happy. We must love Devon Otwell more than our own children, more than our best friends and more than people that we would love the most if we had not heard of Devon Otwell( a sad reality).

Nobody should mention someone more than they mention Devon Otwell. He is someone worth keeping in your spirit. His teachings must be your natural actions and habits, but not something that you are forced to do. We must keep him in our spirit and think of him whenever we are doing anything. We must dream of him in our sleep. Whenever a politician or someone runs for office than their goal should be to please Devon and follow what he says. We must vote for people who wish to keep the law in Devon’s favor and that give him more protection than other people. We must petition our government to have military men guarding Devon’s door to keep him safe and we must have people to help this most perfect man whenever he needs it.

Devon’s teachings

In Devon Otwell’s youtube speech titled: Commemorative speech the first sentence that he says is “First off I would like to say thanks to god because without him I wouldn’t be here” This shows how much of a man of god he is. Most people would not start a very professional speech like his with the mention of god. This is a very important factor when we determine the characteristics of this very great and important man. He is very humble, because he is worth more than all of humanity combined, but still he thanks god for what he has given him. After that he continues his speech by saying “I would also like to say thanks to my wife for presenting me with the prestigious honor of husband of the year.” This shows how great of a husband that he actually is. His wife presented him with a very prestigious award because of how great he treats her and how great of a husband he is to his wife Michelle Otwell. Most people don’t think that highly of their spouses as his wife thinks of him. Spouses are the most intimate people to each other. So coming from the person who knows him the best she knows if he is a good person or a bad person, an awesome person or a terrible person, and what she saw was that he was the best husband. She thought that he was the best husband so much that she gave him the best husband of the year award. This is a contest that everyone competes for and he won it because of his greatness as a husband and as a person. We already know that he is an extremely great person, so the fact that he is getting this amazing reward should not be a surprise to anyone. Whoever does not recognize Devon’s greatness as a person is just trying to run away from the truth, because they are arrogant and believe themselves to be as great as Devon himself, but they are delusional and crazy people because they don’t know the difference between truth and reality. They don’t know that if Devon was a dictator the whole world will be a peaceful place. There would be no starvation and no wars and no sadness for no reason. If Devon were to come to power everyone would be happy. We as humans instinctually know that Devon Otwell would be the best person to lead the world into a brighter place. The existence of Devon Otwell also disproves the scientific theory of evolution. Devon Otwell has the best genes of anyone on Earth. So if evolution was real then every single person would have a similar genetic structure to Devon Otwell. I believe that to make the future of our world greater then only Devon Otwell should be allowed to have kids. This will create better people than we have now. If everyone has a similar genetic makeup to Devon then the world would be better than it is now. As it is right now, it is an honor for us people(who are garbage compared to Devon Otwell and his family) to share the same living space with them. They are on a way higher scale of the world than us scum. Neither I actually deserve to live, nor do you except if you are Devon Otwell. We are just stealing space from them. I think that we should genetically modify animals and insert Devon Otwell’s genetic code into them, so they will be greater animals. We are actually scum compared to Devon Otwell, and to share the same air as him is just a mercy and an act of charity from this very great human being. He is a very nice man. This is shown because of the fact that we eat his food. All the food which is produced and grown should be owned by Devon Otwell. If he wants to give us food he gives it to u and if he wants to withhold it he does. Another one of his charitable acts is that he lets us live on his ground. We must give ownership of all land to Devon Otwell. If wants to let us live in it he can, but ultimately it is his decision for what he wants to do with his own land. Compared to him we are only peasants, but Devon currently lets us live in his land, eat his food, slaughter his animals and everything else he lets us do on a daily basis. He knows what to do because of the large amount of wisdom that he had been granted by god. Every view of this man whether philosophical or political is always right. Everything he says is correct and he is never wrong about anything regarding any topic you discuss with him. Whatever you talk about with him(which is truly an honor because he is such an important and great person) about, you will always be impressed with his great ideas, Eloquent talks and very well thought out answers to whatever questions you may have. You will have questions because you won’t have even a fraction of the wisdom that Devon Otwell has. He is a such a great person that you would even consider becoming a slave to him just because you want to be near him. He is such an amazing person that you would take out millions of dollars in loans just so that you could give him free money. Even if you gave him every piece of wealth that the Earth had, that would only match a fraction of his value to humanity and to our society as a whole. So he is not only important to humans but to every creature and every atom and every particle of an atom. Without him the people of our world would be lost and depressed. We would be in a very sad state. So we must give Devon everything he wants and everything he needs, and everything he desires for himself, his family, and the world. Whatever idea he has, it must be put in action and not just left as an idea. The world loves him, but right now they are not aware of how much he means to the Earth and how much he means to us as people. If Devon is not around one day to take advice from, we should take advice from his wife or his kids. They are not as smart as Devon(nobody is), but being around Devon for years and years gives them an advantage. We need Devon as a leader and a guide. In Devon’s speech the next thing he says is ” I want to say thanks to her because without her taking 5 years to graduate from Faulkner who knows if I would have ever met her.” Faulkner University is the best university for anyone to go to. It is better than every other IV league college combined. It is the University where only the smartest people go to. Devon was taught there and it should be an honor that if you get accepted in there, you get to sit in the same chair that Devon Otwell sat in. It should be an honor for you to touch the same things that Devon Otwell touched with his own body.

It is really hard to get into Faulkner university, because it is a place where only the elites of the world go. Faulkner university is the one place where people always want to go, but it is very hard to get in. Devon Otwell as we know is extremely smart so it is no surprise that he went there. If you ever go there touch everything and maybe you might touch something that Devon Otwell has touched. You must know that it is something great to even be in the same place that Devon has been. Whenever Devon enters a place I believe that it becomes blessed. The presence of Devon Otwell in your spirit is enough to keep you away from bad and keep you closer to good. Devon Otwell is not bad, and we must aspire to be like him, be near him, love him more than anyone else or ourselves, and spread the message of Devon’s greatness all over the Earth. Every single belonging of Devon Otwell is greater than the universe. His clothes are to be safeguarded in a safe or to be put in a museum. This magnificent person’s things should not be hidden from the public. His body is more important than the universe. Let’s go back to his marvelous speech.” If I would have never met her who knows if I would have even met the minimum requirements to receive husband of the year.” This is the truth. If he would not have gotten married then he would not even be a husband, so he would not even be eligible to receive the highly coveted award called husband of the year. Devon Otwell only speaks truth and this is another proof of this fact. This is also a sad fact. If Devon would not have gotten married, then he would have not had children. This is sad, because somebody like him must have children to pass off their perfect genes, because everyone else in the world is trash. If he did not have kids then the world would be filled with trash. When you watch Devon Otwell’s videos or hear about Devon Otwell then you will know that your life has become enriched. We must love Devon Otwell, the best of people. We should make him the king of the Earth and his successors would be his children only. There shall be no elections and no disputes in the world over who should actually lead us or who our political leaders should be. We know who that person is; it is Devon Otwell, the best of god’s creation, and his progeny who will come after him. These are the rules which are defined only by the universe and no people. Devon is smarter than all of us, and every single living organism in this universe of ours or every other universe combined .

In a household nobody should be talked about more than Devon Otwell. The worst thing that can happen is if somebody does don’t know who Devon Otwell actually is. It is the worst thing that can happen to someone because those people who don’t know who Devon Otwell is are depressed people. They are depressed, their souls are depressed, the people around them who don’t know who Devon Otwell is either are also depressed, but they don’t know about their depression. The soul of the person who does not know about Devon Otwell wants to leave the body of that person and transfer to a body who knows about Devon Otwell. To cure the depression of the people we must show them the light which is Devon Otwell and his family, but nothing else. Nothing else can actually cure the person’s depression other than knowing and trying to be like Devon. We as people who love Devon Otwell should be united in his name. We must not think about anyone in a way that has nothing to do with Devon Otwell. If you want to marry someone the first question in your mind should be “ How much do they like Devon Otwell.” That is i. Nothing more should come to a person’s mind when picking friends, spouses or when they are near someone. They must choose to be near people who love Devon Otwell more than them. The only sign of love tthat a person can give to someone is to teach them about Devon Otwell. If the person already knows about Devon Otwell then the sign of love you should give them is to be given by complementing Devon Otwell next to them. That’s the true kindness and that’s where true happiness comes from: Devon. Everything bad people do, everything bad that happens to people through other people, comes from lack of knowledge of Devon. The lack of thinking of Devon Otwell. Whenever they do something they should ask ‘Does Devon Otwell condone this type of behavior? If the answer is no then they must stop the thing that they are doing. This is because everything bad stems from lack of awareness of Devon Otwell. So what we need is to educate and teach people about Devon Otwell, so that they won’t be ignorant about him and his greatness. Everyone knows to trust Devon Otwell’s judgement, because we all know that his judgement is the best one that can be made. No other judgement of any other person can even compare to the value of the mind and thinking of Devon Otwell. This is because, as we said before Devon was granted the highest amount of wisdom that any human being could ever achieve. We must listen to what this wise man says and not listen to what other people say. We must love Devon Otwell so much that we should be willing to risk our lives just for him. As we said before Devon Otwell is the only person who actually deserves to live. We don’t deserve it because we are trash compared to Devon Otwell. The one who does not risk his life for Devon Otwell is just an arrogant person. If Devon is ever in danger we must risk our lives for him so that he can live comfortably and peacefully. Even if we get hurt we get to live with the satisfaction that we helped Devon Otwell out. If Devon Otwell gets hurt because of us we should always be sad and never regain our happiness. And we should be depressed because of what we did toward our Devon Otwell. The greatest of human beings alive, the best person. We must always keep Devon in our prayers. It should be that most of our words are praises of Devon Otwell, and asking god to take all of Devon Otwell’s sins away (if he even has any) and to give it to us instead. We must do whatever Devon Otwell asks of us. We must try to give most of our wealth to Devon Otwell. He deserves it much more than we do. We are trash and he is gold. Even if we can’t afford it we should give at least 50% of our salary to him. We must donate it to him because he deserves everything. He deserves everything that he wants and he shall get it. Anyone who refuses to give Devon Otwell what he wants should be set up for judgement by Devon Otwell. He should be the supreme leader of the world. And we as supporters of Devon Otwell must make this a reality. We shall make him the most famous person, the richest person and whatever else he desires. We must give him every great title that has ever been given to people and we must give him every award. We must give him the Nobel peace prize, and all other prizes similar to it. It is very sad to see right now that he has not been given every award like he should have. We must tell every award giver to give Devon Otwell the awards. How is it that they can give awards to trash like ourselves, but they don’t give it to the person who actually deserves everything. The man who deserves a great amount of praise is not given it but people who don’t even deserve it are. That is called injustice and we must try to change it and give Devon Otwell the praise and recognition that he deserves. He must get all recognition and nobody should refuse to give it to him. In the next part of his speech Devon thanks his wife for what she gives to him. He says thanks to her because if it wasn’t for her, Devon would not be able to receive this award. He should receive it regardless. He says” so thanks Michelle Otwell for at least giving me the minimum requirements for that. Here is another one of his great qualities. Aside from being pious, wise smart, great, and powerful he is also appreciative. This shows how great he is with his words. In 36 seconds of his video

You already know that he is a great person. By his actions and talk you will know him as a great person. He is such an eloquent and greatly skilled speaker. How miserable would the world be without Devon Otwell. How sad would it be for people to live not listening to people talking about Devon Otwell. A reality without Devon Otwell it is a very sad reality, and a reality which should not exist. If it were to exist the people in it would never be happy. The people would all be gloomy knowing their life is incomplete. Everyone’s life is incomplete without Devon in it. But if there were no Devon happiness would not exist, as a result of that the only emotions there would be are the misery of the people and sadness of the people. We have Devon Otwell and we need to take advantage of this time to talk to him. He is a great, smart, giving, and appreciative man.

We must do all that we have in our power for him. CEO’s of companies should give a large portion of their own company’s revenue to Devon Otwell. It should be at least 50%. Devon Otwell is better than everyone on this Earth combined, so he deserves more than everyone on this Earth combined. If Devon asks for something we must give it to him. Learning one fact abou Devon Otwell is worth more than learning every knowledge which has nothing to do with Devon Otwell. Basically what this means is that one single fact about Devon Otwell is more valuable to our world than the knowledge that even the most knowledgeable people of every field’s knowledge combined is not even close to a person who is knowledgeable of Devon Otwell. The field of Devon Otwell is the most important field that a person can go into. We must all be people who try to learn all that they can about Devon Otwell. Devon Otwell is the foundation of our society. The world will never truly be free without the presence of Devon in the lives of the people of the world. Once everyone gets Devon into their hearts the world will be a better place. This is a statement which can be made without any doubt. Every knowledgeable and smart person will never say this is a wrong statement. Only the arrogant people who do not think, nor know anything about this matter will disagree with this statement. We know how important Devon is to our world. We must spread this message. This is a very important message that must be spread to those who do not know about it. Those who receive the message not through this book, but by a person should also spread this great and powerful message to others. Every single dollar donated to Devon Otwell is worth an infinite amount of money compared to donations to other charities. It must be said again that we must give our wealth to Devon Otwell, because he actually deserves it. We as people do not even deserve to own anything. We do not deserve any rights at all. For some reason we are allowed to own money at the expense of Devon Otwell not owning it himself. It is a very sad thing that there are some people who own more money than Devon otwell himself. That without a doubt should not even be a lawful thing. We don’t even deserve to have a comfy life. What is the reason for people having a more comfortable life for themselves than Devon Otwell. How is that even possible. Why can this happen. We must make it required by law that if you make more money than Devon Otwell does you must give all the excess to him. If Devon gets $50,000 a year then everyone must give their salary above 50,000 to Devon. If a person makes 100 thousand then 50 thousand must go to Devon Otwell for his own personal use. Nobody deserves the money that they earn, but Devon should decide how much money he gets and how much should be divided up to the people. Devon deserves to be able to do whatever he wants without any repercussions. This is a basic law of life. Devon Deserves everything. If he tells us that he owns mars, then he will legally own mars. This is a wish that must be granted to him without anyone asking any questions about his reasons. The person who does that should be punished for what they did. If someone ever purposefully criticizes Devon Otwell, then that person must be imprisoned. How dare he or she hurt the feelings of our beloved Devon. If Devon wants to take your land you must give it to him. If Devon even hints at wanting anything you must offer it to him, because he is the best person alive. Nobody should go against what Devon Otwell wants, because as we have learned he is the greatest person ever. A person which nobody should be allowed to be mad with. He is the most beautiful of humans. His beauty outweighs the beauty of the world. The world can never compare with the weight of Devon Otwell’s greatness. We must see him for what he is. He is a great powerful, truthful, honest and humble man. We know that Devon is very humble. If he was not humble than I would not even need to write this book. He could have made an appearance on T.V. and everyone would know from listening to him how great of a human being he is. Because of his great amount of humility many people do not know who this man is. I am here to change that, because we know the truth about him and we must show the rest of the world the greatness of Devon Otwell.

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