Jelangkung ?

in #devil6 years ago

IF we call the name jelangkung or jailangkung, most of our society would have been able to describe the ritual of the ghost caller. This is because our nation still has a mystical culture that is still thick, the Indonesian nation is no stranger to the name Jelangkung. One of the few folk games involving other dimensional beings.
In Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), Jelangkung is defined as puppets with stationery in the hand or center, used to summon the spirit to enter the doll, and then the question will be held. The spirits' answers are given by handwriting.
Not many know the origin and development of Jelangkung in the archipelago. So far, Jelangkung culture is considered as old as dance or other performing arts. In fact, from the findings of history is known that the game Jelangkung originated from mainland China and is now extinct.
The existence of Jelangkung tradition is 1,500 years old. Not just a game, but more functioned as a medium to ask about fortune or forecast.

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