Get A Past Bash Command Quickly

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What happens when we want to get a bash command that we've run in the past quicky? Check out the solution in the video Bash Hack: Get History and Select Past Command. As you can see, we learn how to get a past command so that we can quickly use this command if we need to repeat it.

Some examples we see in the video:

  • What's a quick way to get the past commands?
  • How to set the current command to a past one?
  • Where will this be helpful?

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When we want to get a past line, but edit it we can get the past command, then quickly edit the line before running it. Keep in mind that we'll want to confirm that we obtained the correct past command or else we may end up running something that we didn't want (depends on the actual command). I also note how we can search the history of past commands, then extract what we want and edit as appropriate (if required).

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