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2019-08-07 05:14:47


The woke & turning point generation not smart after all.

Onye Nkuzi has been proving right. Nig… https://t.co/YzG7Gagkyo


2019-08-07 05:14:47

RT @PlayApex: Next week, only one can reign. 👑

The Iron Crown Collection Event featuring an all-new Solos limited time
mode begins 8/13.…


2019-08-07 05:14:47

Fun stream tonight my dudes! Donkey Kong Country: tropical freeze was a blast! Looking forward to continue Doom! Until next time! :D


2019-08-07 05:14:47

@rohini_sgh @meherness So u don't mock BECAUSE people who love them will get hurt?
What about next day?

And who is… https://t.co/3biDHXCvsb


2019-08-07 05:14:47

@jmy1tenor @EdWindels @BillDoerrfeld @newmusicbox I’ve got mixed feelings on this. In the one hand, you’ve got to a… https://t.co/xkqN0Evx1L


2019-08-07 05:14:47

@izzydanielle_ I had 0 self control! I just kept seeing cute things!😍😍 at least give me some time to prepare for the next one.😂


2019-08-07 05:14:47

RT @Amy_Siskind: SAVE THE DATE:
WE THE PEOPLE MARCH in DC will take place tent. on Sept 21. We have permits, just need a 24 hour period for…


2019-08-07 05:14:47

@kace_monster tell phil next tuesday-

me. him. tacos.


2019-08-07 05:14:47

RT @reena_asf: Hey Bay Area Twitter! Just wanna stop by & say that just I was approached by some couple at Newpark Mall and the woman was t…


2019-08-07 05:14:46

RT @qtVele: Like and retweet next tweet💘🎁

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