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in development •  25 days ago

Since last week I have been task with something crucial: to speed up website displays for my internal office.

What I used to do, like every other developer that needed to do some quick fixes, we tend to just code it, run it, and off to the next task.

But thanks to @superoo7 who recently shared his templates and writeups I noticed one of his blogs that reminded me my old days of "modular codings", but this is up to the next level of normalisation of your codes, it is called D. R. Y (Don't Repeat Yourself)

This can be a challenge for a 3rd gen coder like me that does usual modular codings, but it has been quite a rewarding week since last Wednesday as I attempted to run a tiny program in the server backend for data compilation, and with implementing D. R. Y concept, I realised that my engine is lighter than usual, delegating all different tasks, stored procedures (yes, old fashion database still) separately so that things could run faster...

And It Did

This propelled me to think further beyond coding; that sometimes if you could less repeat your possessions, even though it may be kept very "decentralised", this actually simplifies your future relocations and also lessen your probabilities of over spending.

(Especially too many same set of pots and pans in the kitchen haha)

This does sound like minimalist implementation on all issues of life and work too, isn't it?

Now back to coding.
I am quite curious and excited to "clean up" my old codes and reduces the repeats and see what are the differences and will it be easily maintained.

I think it can.

But that's for tomorrow's work. I am done for the day.

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Ok, so suddenly you were talking Greekcoding hahaha
You will do an amazing job for sure :D


Coding has been my day job for a decade. Just that I don't speak much of it because I'm not a blockchain developer. Haha.

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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