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Django is the most popular web framework if you're into Python and web. According to Github, Django is set as a dependency on 314k different open-source projects. Adding commercial projects to that figure, probably millions of projects use Django, one way or another.

A few years ago, I saw a simple ticket in the issue tracker of Django, and contributed a small piece of code. Four years later, while I was working on Tower, I see this:

The red part is what I exactly added years ago and forgot about it. The feeling when I remember that I have added this functionality into Django, was just awesome, considering thousands of developers got something from that small changeset.

We should really get Utopian back. 😏

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Lol, I was a Django developer for some time and read this text couple of times a week. Now I know who added that text. Btw, this helptext is indeed very helpful especially for beginners.
Nice work :D

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Utopian said they were not leaving, just changing their business model and branding. So they may be back at some point. It isn't feeling like it though.

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That's super neat !


This is cool! I will definitely be trying it out. !steem2email

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Django is the best.

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