The Busy Developer Life & Saying "Hello"

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The last few months have been extremely busy for me. I have been running full speed in the development world and am currently involved in 4 projects at work. Four very diverse projects:

  1. C# and XSLT
  2. Angular4 and Typescript
  3. Java (mostly just reworking JSP files)
  4. Nodejs and AWS Lambdas

Learning development has been one of the most exciting and challenging things I have ever done. When you are building software (no matter what language or framework), you become the person that has to fix the problems or at least bring them to realization. The details have to be implemented by YOU. You are the one that figures out what that crazy requirement means or where the data on the dashboard mockup is going to come from and how to calculate it.

It is crazy exciting (and extremely difficult) to solve the problems you are faced with in a development and engineer role. However, you quickly realize that everyone is facing this learning curve. Everyone has moments of being lost and attempting to figuring out the best solution. You just learn to press through.

Working on these projects has definitely kept me from being involved with Steemit. My plan is to correct that and post more often. I have never been a strong blogger either.

One of the things I did want to do was post on my journey as I learn more in the frameworks I am working. Currently that involves Angular4 (or Angular as it is now known). It is definitely a rewrite of the AngularJS framework. It is more than a simple update so if you attempt it then give yourself some slack. It is a HIGH learning curve. It is more component based and handles routing and binding completely different. It also uses Observables natively instead of Promises but you are able to convert back if you desire.

I didn't add a lot of substance to this post, but I wanted to post something to get the ball rolling again for my sake.

You can consider this post just a simple "Hello". 👋


Thanks for saying hello. :)

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