AnonSteem is finally back!

in development •  2 years ago

Thank you for your patience. Due to changes in HF18 for account creation which were sneaked in, AnonSteem has been non-functional for a few days.

Thanks to the help of @arhag and @abit I've managed to patch PistonLib to work with the new account creation system. Now AnonSteem works, and any orders that were previously stuck should now have gone through.

Get an account now! No phone or email:

My order expired even though I paid!

Please email us so that we're aware, and we'll fix your order. Make sure you include the order ID and/or the address you sent to (your order should be in your browser history if you closed the tab):

anonsteem [at] someguy123 [dot] com

AnonSteem is operated by @someguy123 - if you like the service, vote for Someguy123 on the witnesses page, and remember to follow @someguy123 and @anonsteem

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I sent 20SBD to my account yesterday at
Due to an error, there is now an error at
I want to create my account. Please check. It will be confirmed in the wallet block chain.
What should I do?

I've transferred you 10 steem with private memo with hashtag. Please let me know if I can get the account.

Hope you are there anonsteem - stuffed up the copy and paste of code - please check wallet - need urgently - SirKnight.

hi bro
good luck ♥

How are the keys kept private from

Id: tumble
I created an account with anonsteem
The account was not created properly.
Request you to check.

hi , i try to create a new account but i have made a mistake by sending bitcoin memo when transfer 5 steem to anonsteem . the account name is
that i am trying to create is emmanuelnukchee

@anonsteem @someguy123 Is this service still working? The Steemit says the account you created for me does not exist. Please help. Thanks.

Can u help me I sent 5steem to what I thought was u did u receive it the message for the new account was stLF6HMJpIMhBqNNzmtG7LYZfSeAzrKF

Hey guys, I hate to be that noob that sent 5 SBD instead of the 5 STEEM, but I am. I did not read the notice that said, "has to be 5 STEEM", until the transaction was completed.
Is there anyway I can get a refund of the 5 SBD. If it's returned, I would still like to go open an anonymous account. Thank you for your consideration.

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