Altmarkets Development Overview #1

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Altmarkets settled back into the new system with a fair amount of updates over the month of January, we have a large development roadmap and already progress has been made for the current month to start rolling out some of these upcoming features.

January Summary:

New Members: 1212
New Listings: 13

Current overall 36 currencies across 52 markets.

Development Snippets:

  • Made Markets button more visible on the trading page

  • Added coin logos to Markets List

  • Added notification to deposits screen regarding some deposit addresses not showing

  • Made navigation link to trading screen open in the same window from the fund's page

  • UI colour improvements across the board to easier distinguish sections

  • Added ability to hide zero balances from funds page

  • Changed cursor to a pointer to highlight the ability to click market buys/sells

  • Added visibility on withdrawing fee across all currencies

  • Sub Sat market visibility notice

  • identification clarity on order book​/history

  • General overall UI amendments on homepage, market and trading pages.

We'll be focusing on development for the months ahead, we'll bring additional features online such as the following

Planned Service currency for Altmarkets Exchange

We plan to bring online a base currency for the Altmarkets Exchange, the currency itself a blockchain based currency will be used for services and fees within the overall Altmarkets Exchange - a full list of such features will be available​ once fully announced.

Live Voting System

After an internal review on listing procedures and the addition of coins we see it right to move to a more linear​ listing service, this is where our internal voting system will play a big part in future additions to the exchange. Our voting system will be used for developers to self-fund​ a full listing at Altmarkets Exchange or via a crowdfunding strategy amongst their own communities.

  • Voting list request system for projects
  • Minimal Voting / Per vote functionality
  • 14 Day rotational rounds, the ​top voted coin will be placed into a consideration list and voting paused for that specific coin/token.
  • Each verified vote placed into the system will be cumulative​
  • Minimum of 50 votes required for a project to be considered (per vote amount TBD)

Each month we'll bring a development update for Altmarkets, we hope you'll continue to drop suggestions via our discord and we thank you​ for the continued patience in building an exchange which people enjoy to use.

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