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A medium post got my attention: comparing top 10 cryptocoins from 2013 with the top 10 coins in 2018.

source: Hackernoon article linked above)

Devcoin is proudly mentioned in that 2013-list. A solid number 7 position was nothing to complain about.

It reminded me of those early days in crypto where enthusiasts were - for a large part - still working with 'coins' instead of 'networks' and 'decentralised computing'. Ethereum was still to be released. The ANN section of Bitcointalk was full of clone coins, one even more ridiculous than the other.

I remember having a weak spot for Devcoin with its altruistic community full of hope and dreams to make Devcoin the premier token to exchange value and express gratitude for work done in the further development of this cryptocurrency thing. Great minds attached themselves to the Devcoin project, looking for ways to bind together the group of coders, artists and other creative people for a joint goal of development in an open cooperative manner.

I wrote my fair share of Devtome articles and, with this, building up some DVC for my kids (my legacy... :) ) and being involved in a thriving community of talented people. Writing on Devtome - mostly capturing self-taught knowledge about automating Microsoft Word by code - really boosted my steps in learning to code better and to put that to good use in daily life, hoping that it can, at one day, also help others facing similar coding problems.

It therefore gives me grief to read the following on Devcoin in the HackerNoon article linked above "

7. Devcoin
Devcoin was introduced in 2011. It’s a project that channeled its efforts towards funding a community of developers, programmers, musicians, writers, and filmmakers. It gained more popularity in 2013, garnering a total market cap of $900,369, but slowly faded away to its death. As of September 2018, Litecoin, 2013’s number two, is still in the race for the top 10, sitting comfortably at the seventh position with a coin market cap of $3,248,078,351.

I reckon it faded away but it is by no means death. A hard core group of people are still involved, thinking of new ventures for Devcoin, inter alia by considering taking advantage of the merged mining aspects of Devcoin. Check out the current Devcoin Bitcointalk thread for the latest developments.

So there is a lot more to it than just a coin that faded away. To the contrary, recent actions and the fusion between STEEM and Devcoin make this a coin to watch again. Not for gains but for participating in a great community. It would be great if we could take advantage of the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) of today to further the goals of Devcoin. For instance by writing on the Steemit platform.

Every technology has its cherished legacy aspects. To me, Devcoin is most certainly part of that legacy .... and the future.

A big shout out to @devcoin who has made great efforts to focus attention to Devcoin on the Steemit platform.

Devcoin address: 1NtbgQ61TH579orJQEpAZ4zGvgyzLX4L39
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Thanks wekkel! Please contact develCuy via bitcointalk to continue with the process.

Great article Wekkle! Devcoin is heading toward greater things! Thanks for sharing!

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