Exchanges interested on listing Devcoin as of July 2020

in #devcoinlast year

As you may already know, Devcoin is self-listed in the Stellar Decentrized EXchange (or Stellar DEX for short), but this year we started to get some attention back from different exchanges:

  • CoinSwitch from Asia. Listing fee: 3 BTC
  • OKEx from Europe. Listing fee: 10 to 25 BTC
  • Finexbox (They reach out 3 times!) from Asia. Listing bee: 0.1 BTC
  • p2pb2b from England. Listing fee: 1 to 4 BTC
  • EXCHANGER.STORE and FASTEX.TOP from England. Free listing (application form filed, never replied)
  • CoinLim from Asia. Listing fee: 0.6 to 0.8 BTC
  • WhiteBIT from Europe. Listing fee: Unknown.

We aren't listed in any of them yet, because of a deal breaker: low liquidity or they don't accept Devcoins as payment. That makes sense for an asset that represents nothing on Earth but a philanthropic purpose! Unfortunately, businesses based on Earth require "real" assets. By the way, our beloved community already gives a better valuation to Devcoins in their hearts, one that is worth the most and inspires us to keep pushing our galactic dreams forward, day after day.

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