market history tool for Steem Smart Contracts now available in test

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Hi again,

Just a quick note, as I said in my yesterday's post, I was working on the market history, a first version is now available at

The parameters available are:
symbol: a Steem-Engine token symbol (required)
timestampStart: a unix timestamp that represents the start of the dataset (optional)
timestampEnd: a unix timestamp that represents the end of the dataset (optional)

Data available:
volumeSteem: volume of STEEM (STEEMP) traded
volumeToken: volume of tokens traded
lowestPrice: lowest price seen that day
highestPrice: highest price seen that day


The source code is available at

(the full history (accounts and market) is being built right now so don't worry if you don't see the latest data there)


Hi, are you working also on a common version (not for developers only)?
I suggest CSF file suitable for Spreadsheets. This data seemingly has no line breaks, data field and data are not separated, I can't use Unix timestamp etc.
Thank you

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Nice! That was overdue.

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Hey man. Love your work. It really helps. Wanted to ask if you have the equivalent for a selection of scot_only tokens in JSON rpc methods? Here's a sample of the result I'm looking for -

I'm currently working on Steem Tribes List but would love to query only tokens that are actually tribes. Keep it up man, would really appreciate the help.

Is this stored on the blockchain?

Is there an API call like this for the order books? Thanks?