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in dev •  2 years ago

Hooking big time investor whales. The future of steemit.

A big factor as too why many large investors won't invest here is the powerdown time. Just a thought as too maybe it being worth bringing that time down to 5 days. Could add huge incentives too the large investors on many of the exchanges.

Just trying to think of ways to help steem boom! How can we get large investors to be large share holders? that's my train of thought right now. What would give them incentive too invest large here. More so than already? By allowing them access to their SP earlier it could cause a lot more to consider steemit.

I encourage people to buy STEEM nd SP all the time but i find time and time again the 2 year lock away scaring them off. Maybe a reduction in the time it takes could yield more large investors buying in here?

Just my 2 cents worth of opinion :) Any idea's as too how to hook these investor whales? i am trying to think about ways to ensure steemit's longevity. Would this be something @dantheman and @ned can implement? Would it encourage more large investors too join the steemit community?

The picture above is pretty much my reaction when ever a post of mine does well here ^^

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