2018 DEIN 2018 ^^ /// For All Of You, GREAT 2018^^

in deutsch •  last year  (edited)

„ ... realize every second... have fun in 2018 " ;)

" ... And, Wishing You And Your Family Health, Wealth, Love And Happiness in 2018! ... "


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Hallo @zeuss11 was für nette Schlitten 🛷 zeigst Du uns denn da ? 😄
Ich gebe zu, dass ich weder den ganz links noch ganz rechts mag, sondern eher in der Mitte... 😉


Hey @ulfr ,
Ja, Schlitten ... 😄 Bei uns sind es Bretter 🐇 ...
Der Lambo läßt sich nur mit Sporthandschuhen steuern 😉
Wenn du das akzeptierst 🤗

Dir auch eine schöne Zeit und viele neue Ideen für Posts!


Thx, @scharmangerbert , mal sehen wie die Dinge sich kreativ entwickeln ;)

  ·  last year (edited)

Hello @Zeus11! I see that you have a very promising prediction of the cryptocurrency market for this new year! Hope to be fulfilled as soon as possible 😄 As I love those white cars under this blue sky 🍀 I am happy to see You back on Steemit ! And I am looking foroward to see more post from @zeuss11 💪🏻

Happy NY


hey @kam.ila , most of all I like the white MB SUV at the right side.

  ·  last year (edited)

I like the most this white one on the left with wings and jets engines 😉


Hey @kam.ila , did you know that many owners rent their Learjets? They make big profits with it. The 40 million euros are perfectly invested. ;)

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happy new year..

happy to you.

I will follow you to see your future posts!


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