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RE: Persönlichkeitsentwicklung 048 - Psychische Gesundheit stärken

in #deutsch4 months ago

I don't know you before, but i read good contents in the blog...

I found this very interesting. Basically i enjoy reading contents related to mental health.

I've had series of situation where my mental health is shaken, most time i contributed to that unknowingly, but the moment i discovered the scope, i began to make adjustments in other to protect my mental health.

Thank you for sharing and if you can produce steemexclusive content..., that would be fine.



Thank you for the comment!
There are many people here I don't know, I have been very active 2016-19. But since then, especially my job really needed a lot of attention.

And I like your point concerning you taking care of your personal mental health.

Best regards

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